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Penny Bloom Nail Polish

Hello and good morning! Today I am back sharing some more gorgeous polishes by Penny Bloom Polish! Todays are all toppers!` The first 2 are ones you can just select in the store and then the last one is a custom sports one! Super fun!! So lets get to reading about them! Also there is a swatch video if you want to see them in action!

Penny Bloom Nail Polish Cuprite

First up is Cuprite! Cuprite is a gorgeous Pink/Magenta/Red glitter topper filled with holo sparkles! The macro pics are probably my favorite thing about this post! Just look at those!

Penny Bloom Nail Polish Cuprite

In the swatch video you will see me do the polish alone and how it builds up. However for swatch photos I have done them all on a polish and have used them truly as a topper. Alone this polish takes about 2-3 coats to completely build up. Now this outcome can vary depending on your application method! :) For the video I just painted it on, but you could sponge on and get an even better pay off! :)

Penny Bloom Nail Polish Cuprite

Here I have one coat on top of Serendipity Nail Polish Summer Sunnies! It covered really nicely and it apply evenly, you really don't have to work at it all.

Penny Bloom Nail Polish Aquamarine

Next we have Aquamarine! A gorgeous turquoise topper also filled with some holo glitters!

Penny Bloom Nail Polish Aquamarine

This one is a bit thinner than Cuprite but still covered nicely in 2-3 coats alone. Here I have it on top of Serendipity Mint Martini! I just used one coat on this swatch. It covered very nice and evenly.

Penny Bloom Nail Polish Aquamarine

I love this one so much! So summery/ocean like. I love anything centered around the ocean!

Penny Bloom Nail Polish Jacksonville Jaguars

Next up I have a Jacksonville Jaguars Polish. Penny Bloom actually has a line where you get to cream your own sports team polish! The sports polish options consist of football, baseball, basketball, college football, hockey, and MLS soccer. With all of these there are drop down menus that allow you to pick your team of choice. Then you pick 4 different element from the first group of glitters. Then you pick 1 white glitter. After that you will have a total of 5 different glitters. Those will then make up your sports team topper.

Penny Bloom Nail Polish Jacksonville Jaguars

For mine I went for Football, and then selected the Jacksonville Jaguars. Hometown team, and they have great colors so I thought why not! I personally love how it came out! I put it on top of black since that is the teams main color and I love it.

Penny Bloom Nail Polish Jacksonville Jaguars

I love the fact that you get to pick all of the elements that makeup this polish, and you get to name it! I named mine Jacksonville Jags, just something simple and appropriate! I think this would be a great thing for any and all sports fans that like to have team spirit! Especially if you have a family member on a team or know someone on a team!

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Well that is it for today! I hope you have enjoyed this post! Below you can find all of the Penny Bloom Links you may like! Also if you would like to see the other Penny Bloom Polishes I watched you can here


Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. That create your own polish is super cool! I love how yours turned out! 😍

    1. Thank you! I thought that was the coolest thing! My friends cousin just got drafted on to a NFL so this option will be really cool for them!


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