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Snail Vinyls Sunburst Nails

Hello there everyone! Today I have a super fun mani using Serendipity Nail Polish AND a Snail Vinyl. Plus there is a Paint With Me video too! Oh so busy! That all being said lets check it all out!

Yellow to Orange Gradation

This full look started with a gradation and as you learn in the video I actually wore it for a day before even adding the art! So basically this post is what you can do with a older gradation that you don't want to remove but you want to jazz up!

Yellow to Orange Gradation

For the gradation I used Serendipity Nail Polish Orange County Girl and Bottomless Mimosas. For all of the info on those check out this post HERE.  These polishes worked together SO nicely! You can check out all of their polishes here.

Sunburst Nails

Now for some reason my finger look zombie like in these photos but here is the art look! Haha! I used THIS vinyl by Snail Vinyls for a fun sun burst look. This look was so quick! Literally I think the actual process took about 5 minutes. Obviously on Camera it took a bit longer because I am like explaining things and such but... :)

I just LOVE the fact you can do this on top of any older gradation to jazz it up and give it more life after you have been wearing it! You can see how easy it was in the video and see how I finally got vinyls to work for me!

Sunburst Nails

Well loves, I hope you have enjoyed this post! It was a fun one to create and I love the fact it has a video! Let me know what you thought of the video and if you want more like this one!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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