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Mermaid Nails

Hey there! So if you follow me on twitter, you may of voted for these! Hehe, see I had 2 manis down the other day and couldn't decide which one to post first. Then I gave y'all a vote and you said mermaid so here it is! :)

Mermaid Nails

Great choice guys, mermaids are so my thing compared to the other option! Haha! Also if you aren't already, you may want to follow along on twitter HERE.  Lately its been my favorite place, and I am just trying to do more on there, plus its so easy to chat with you! Anywhooo here are my mermaid nails that I actually wore all weekend! Gasp! I know crazy right! I wore the same mani for more than 24 hours! LOL! 😃😂

Mermaid Nails

I just decided to take an actual weekend from nail art and work on my book, which was really nice! 💕 Plus I have been OBSESSED with this polish. The minty one is called Mermaid Tears and I actually reviewed it last week on the blog and on Youtube. Its from the new Lost in a Book Collection by Pretty Beautiful Unlimited.

Mermaid Nails

The black polish is also a new one by Pretty Beautiful Unlimited. Its called black out and its amazing! Then for the mermaid scaled I used a Snail Vinyls Mermaid vinyl. I then sponged Mermaid Tears, and Elven Queen on top, along with a tiny bit of Dragons Egg. All of which are also from the Lost in a Book collection which y'all can see here.

Mermaid Nails

I am just really loving this look! It was so odd to wear it for like 3 days! Not used to that at all! Hehe, the nails that I have on currently that y'all will see very soon, are ones that I could wear for a long time tho! 💗💗 Any guesses at what they could be?

Mermaid Nails

Hope you all enjoyed this post! I know the past few days the world has just been a slump of gloom and sadness. So sad to see things that are going on all over. This is the first post that has gone up since the horrible event in Manchester. Its so sad to read all of the reports and imagine what it was like for everyone there and around there. So sad... Concerts are a place of happiness, and to have such a thing happen in a setting that is supposed to be a place of stress relief and fun. Its just devastating and keeps making me think of last June. My heart goes out to everyone who was affected and in hopes things like this can end soon. No one should have to worry about going to a concert, they are the best thing but any more its just scary.  

~25 Sweetpeas

Couldn't agree more with these guys........

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    spread love today and every day.
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    No one should go to a concert and never come home 💔
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    Heart broken for Manchester tonight. Thoughts and prayers to everyone there ❤️


  1. Beautiful mani! That minty polish is absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm loving this polish so much!!


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