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Pretty Beautiful Unlimited The Essentials Collection

Hello there! Today is such a busy day on the blog! Today I am sharing 2 posts, this one and a Digital Dozen nail art look! First up tho its all about Pretty Beautiful Unlimited new "The Essentials Collection". This collection consists of 2 polishes, a black and a white. That being said lets get to the swatches!

Here is the swatch video! Its only 4 minutes so check it out and see the amazing one coat wonders that make up this collection!

Pretty Beautiful Unlimited Black Out

Black Out
1 Coat

The formula on this is so creamy and nice. It applied perfectly in just one coat! This does dry down to a satin finish, but that doesn't make it hard to work with. I know with some polishes that dry that way they can be tricky but as you can see in the video there were no issues!

Pretty Beautiful Unlimited Black Out

This black is quickly becoming one of my favorites. A little thing to know tho, is no base coat will result in a bit of a stain. However if you have a base coat you should be good to go! I know in my swatch video I didn't have a base and it left a little stain. However in the mani I did and topped with art was fine and I did have a base coat on then! :)

Pretty Beautiful Unlimited White Out

White Out
1 Coat

Another perfect creamy formula that results in just one coat. This dried shiny for me. I then used it as a nail art base and it was FAB!

Pretty Beautiful Unlimited White Out

Well that is it for today! These will be releasing on May 20th at 11AM CST, along with the Wedded Bliss Collection  the link below will take you to the Pretty Beautiful Unlimited store! Also if you are over their shopping check out her Cuticle Oils. They are my favorite!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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