Fourth of July | Floral

Fourth of July Floral Nails

Hey there everyone! So today I am back with another mani for the Fourth of July its really sneaking up on us! Today instead of it being all stars and stripes tho I have gone for something a bit more girly, and not so in your face! :) Time for a floral!

Fourth of July Floral Nails

I am really enjoying these. I did a floral mani on my mom this weekend and I just kept starring at them wondering how I could make them patriotic. (Her's we're/are green and lavenders) So I started out by using Madam Glam's Blue Mood. Which I reviewed earlier this week! You can see the post here, and video here.  That was 2 quick coats and then on to the art.

Fourth of July Floral Nails

For all of the art I used acrylic paint! I started with the flowers and just kind of scribbled on some flower shapes. I didn't fill it completely in just to give a sketchy look and add some depth. After that I went in and did the flower centers, and leaves. Lastly I added little groups of 3 dots in black and white in random places.

Madam Glam

Once all of that was done, I topped it with a Matte Top Coat and went on my way. I am really liking the overall outcome. I'm always for a floral so making it work for the holiday is super fun! I hope you have all enjoyed this  post! It was a fun one! Now off to paint some more holiday nails! Any requests?

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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