National Sunglasses Day | 2017

Sunglasses Nails

Happy National Sunglasses Day! I am SO excited about this post honestly! I love Sunglasses. Always have always will, and who knew there was a day for Sunglasses! Talk about cool! :)

Sunglasses Nails

We are actually turning today into a collab with the #thenailartsquad ! :) So here is a look at my nails for the occasion. I thought I would go with a patriotic theme because I wanted to use the blue, and then red sunglasses. So it wasn't necessarily intentional but it kinda happened that way.

Sunglasses Nails

The blue polish is Julie G Santorini. Its really pretty! The rest is acrylic paint! :) It was really fun, especially with how I made the sunglasses heart shaped hehe!

Sunglasses Nails

Ya know it is tricky to get the hearts the same shape. LOL! Literally that was the hardest part of this mani. I did start them with a white base tho, and that did help!

Sunglasses Nails

OK collab photo time! I am really loving everyones mani. Which you all can see below!

Well that is it for today! I hope you all have enjoyed this mani and hopefully you have had a sunny day so you could enjoy your sunglasses! Ha!

Happy Tuesday!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. That is sooooo cute! The little heart rimmed sunglasses just make me smile!

    1. Thank you!! I totally want to wear sunglasses like that for the 4th!


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