July Things | 2017

25 Sweetpeas

Hey there! Wow, July where did you go? Can we just restart. Seriously tho, this summer has been going by way to quick and I just want to slow it down and let it continue! As usual tho its time for a bit of a July faves/things I liked, loved and or did this month in a quick fun wrap up post! So I've got a major variation in this post so lets get to it!

1. Cacti Nails! Oh my they are my new obsession! I specifically used the pic that is the thumbnail pic because of those nails. Hands down my favorite ones from this month, and that saying a lot because I have been having a lot of fun getting back into fresh new art. So far I have down 2 cacti manis one HERE and one HERE.

25 Sweetpeas

2. SUNSETS! Ah, as always I'm obsessed with sunsets because well that is just who I am but oh my. When we were downtown for Fireworks on the 4th we had a fab sunset! (Pictured Above)

3. As always I'm always on the quest of a good cookie. So the other day my brother and I wanted no-bake cookies. We haven't have them in years because usually one makes them with chocolate and some in our house don't do chocolate because it can cause headaches so we just haven't made them. Thanks to Pinterest tho, last week I found a chocolate free recipe that has peanut butter, and I LOVE peanut butter so I gave them a go! OH my, they are sooooo good! I didn't take photos tho, bummer, I know! But ah, I'm going to make them again I am sure! Super simple too! You can find the recipe here.

4. Always listening to music as I know you already know and HERE is my summer playlist I have been updating on the norm!

5. So this month the new China Glaze My Little Pony Collection came out and can I just say I am impressed. At the start of summer I was not thrilled about the summer collection mainly because it felt all over the place and it felt all very random. However then the announced the MLP line and it all made sense. They were saving all of the fun colors for the MLP line! I tested out 2 of them. Both I LOVE the color of, but sadly the pink stained. :( All of that being said I still think the line was one of the more fun lines I've seen out this summer! View Blog Post here + Ice Cream nails!

6. Back to music for this one! The Vamps came out with a new CD! At first I wasn't sure about it but ya know after listening to it it grew on my and I love it. The singles that were a bit more "trendy" and "techno" are the ones I'm not crazy about. However when you hear Paper Hearts, My Place, Stay, and Sad Song you get those amazingly written songs that just make you so happy! Ahhh, pure talent! Give it a shot if you are looking for some new tunes here.

7.  So I definitely don't have a photo of this but... This month I tried Aqua Zumba! It was pretty fun! I think I will go again! It started this past week at our pool so I may have to go once more! It was different but I mean in the water is much better than having to wear shoes! LOL! Not a tennis shoe fan.

25 Sweetpeas

8. Oh my the new sugar scrub by Envy Lacquer is awesome! Read about it here. I've been using it so much!

 Well guys that is it! I can't really think of anything else major that I can say at the moment! :) Currently reading an interesting book so I will report back on that and I hope to have some more chatty posts coming soon! Also tomorrow I should have something neat to share! So I will talk to y'all later!

~25 Sweetpeas


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