Watermarbling with Julie G Polish

Watermarble Nail Art

Hey there everyone! Hope you are having a nice weekend! So today I have a bit of an experimental mani to share with you! I've decided to marble with some of my Julie G polishes so lets check it out!

Watermarble Nail Art

This past week I shared swatches of the new Julie G Bohemian Dreams polish collection with you so I thought it would be fun to try a water marble with them. So todays mani consists of 3 polishes by Julie G, 2 are brand new and then one is an older shade. The light color is Harmony and the bolder pink shade is Aria. Then the creme blue is Cabana Boy.

Watermarble Nail Art

Those 3 were the ones in the marble. The outer nails are done with Harmony, and then for the ring finger I felt like I needed something other than a creme so I used Serendipity Nail Polish Sequins & Bowties. That was also used on my thumb and the lower/smaller dot on outer nails. The Top dot was done using Cabana Boy.

Watermarble Nail Art

I did the watermarble on a whim while a friend was over as we were just experimenting. It just so happened to actually of turned out half decent so I thought I should still share. Plus ya know how people always talk about how people only post the good things, and the highlights on social media so I feel like even when there is a nail fail or semi fail I should still share it. We all get in our own heads sometimes, I know fails aren't fun and it can be super discouraging so you just have to remember that everyone has them.

Watermarble Nail Art

Well guys, I hope you have enjoyed this post! It was a fun/random one to do. I hope to have some fun nail art coming up for you this week so stay tuned!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. This is gorgeous! I have never though of trying this out but it turned out incredible! x

    1. Thank you so much! Its so tricky because it usually takes many tries! This was a fluke haha!


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