National Ice Cream Day | 2017

Ice Cream Nails

Guys, this is important. Today is not just any other Sunday, its National Ice Cream Day!!! Hummm, I think we all need to celebrate. don't you? Anywhoo to celebrate I have an ice cream cone mani on my nails now! So lets check them out! However, first I actually have some swatches for you!

So last week I got a duo pack of polishes from the new China Glaze + My Little Pony Collaboration. The pack came with 2 polishes and some nail art stickers of $9.99 at Sally's Beauty Supply. Which is a really good deal since they are full size polishes and they are now individually 7.25 there. You can see them live in action in the above video and pics will be below!

One Polished Pony
2 Coat(s)

Light/bright blue with a hint of a mint vibe. This polish has a great formula and dries shiny. It also has a very slight shimmer that picks up in certain lighting!

I am in love with this color! Its basically At Vase Value 2.0. It has shimmer which the original did not have, but in this one you barely notice so it doesn't change it that much. Plus the formula was SOO much nicer!

I am really just loving this color honestly. Its the perfect light blue with a hint of mint. I did notice the picture actually make it look a bit more neon than it actually is, but its still super gorgeous in real life.

She's a Mane-iac
2 Coat(s)

Hot pink with a slight shimmer. Great easy to use formula that dries down to a matte finish.

Wow-ie, these photos totally make me look tan. I could totally get used to that! Hehe!! I really like this polish! The formula was really good! It was close to being a one Coater honestly.

Based off of these 2 polishes I feel like China Glaze has really improved their formula which is super exciting because I always love their colors but don't always love the formula. So now I can love both! Yay!!!

Ice Cream Nails

So as I teased at the beginning, here are my Ice Cream Nails! Of course I had to figure out how to use both of the polishes in this mani because I am literally obsessed with both of them. I think you can easily tell which polish is which! Hehe!

Ice Cream Nail Art

For the base of the cone I used Takko Lacquer Moonrise. I then did the detailing with acrylic paint. Then I used the polish for the Ice Cream! The sprinkles tho, those were done with acrylic paint!

Ice Cream Nails

Overall I am actually happy with how these came out! They are much better than last years I think! You can check out last years here. So now that I have thought about ice cream so much I totally want some! Ha!

Ice Cream Nail Art

That is it for today! I hope you all have enjoyed this post and seeing the colors in action, and then of course the art! Ha, I think you can tell from this post alone I have been busy! So now off to eat some ice cream! Comment your favorite flavor below!

Happy Ice Cream Day!

~25 Sweetpeas


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