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Hello there everyone, this week we are starting out with this months Artist of the month! This month I have Kara from KaraNailedIt which I am really excited about! I love all of her posts, and I am obsessed with her blog its lovely! So lets take a look at this fabulous mani he has done for us and learn about her!

Hi guys! I'm Kara from karanailedit! I'm 24 and living in Austin, TX currently. About a year ago, I was looking for a creative outlet from my marketing job and decided to try out nail art! A few months later I moved to Austin and was so inspired by the artsy culture of the city that I wanted to get more serious about my hobby! I ordered some more brushes and tools and the rest is history! 

This past spring, I entered the Essie's nail art awards which brought me to NYC for the final round. It was such a cool experience and I loved meeting the other finalists. The nail art world has introduced me to so many awesome women, pushed me out of my comfort zone creatively, and allowed me to share my love of little artwork and inspire so many others! 

I decided to create this summery look today because nothing screams summer more than firey coral polish! This one is called Sandy Lane by MiniLuxe. A few weeks ago, I did a manicure with pink clouds, so I figured I had to try pink suns! The pink I used is called Backseat Besties by Essie. It's the perfect bubblegum pink. To achieve the look, I painted a partial circle and filled that in. Next, I used a super thin striping brush to make little points coming off the sun for the rays. I didn't worry too much about making them match, I love the asymmetrical look! I finished off with a tiny white accent stripe on the sun's rays using Coconut by MiniLuxe. 

I love how this look turned out, it's perfect for the middle of the scorching hot Texas summer! Thanks so much for checking out my Pink Sun nail art and thank you to Sarah for having me on 25 Sweetpeas! 

If you want to see more of my nail art, you can follow me on Instagram at @karanailedit! 


Ahh, her nails are so cute! Be sure you follower her on Instagram HERE and check out her blog HERE. I personally look forward to seeing her posts pop up in my feed! (That is if I am lucky enough and they are actually put in my feed! *Cough Cough*) 

I hope you all enjoyed this months artist of the month, and maybe even got to discover someone new!

Talk to you Soon!

~25 Sweetpeas


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