Paint with Me | Spaced Flowers

Hey guys! Today I have a Paint with Me using one of the new polishes I reviewed here. Its all on my Youtube channel so lets go take a look!

Here it is! This is the video that will take you thought the full design! I hope you enjoy this one. I did it a bit differently but hopefully better than past videos! :) Anywhoo let me know what you think, also if you have request let me know because this was fun to create.

So the base color is Julie G Faith. Its an amazing one coater and its overall just a really good polish! Then all of the art was done with acrylic paint and 100% freehanded as you can see in the video! I love hot the spaces between all of the different parts of the floral look. It just gives a nice clean look.

Also I did do my thumb! Ha, I used to not really change my thumb because I would literally paint my nails nightly but its just been the past month in which I have decided to show my thumb. Do you guys like that or do you care? :) I like doing my thumb because I feel like its a good trial nail plus a little bit of a bigger canvas which is always nice haha!!!

So what is your favorite part of this mani? I love the pink flowers! Why? I have no clue! Haha!! Could you imagine how many color combo there could be for this look! Ahh, the combos are endless!

Well that is it for today! I hope you have enjoyed this post! Its been a really fun mani to do and wear! If you decide to redo it please tag me or tweet me! I would love to feature some of you on my IG story! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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