Artist of the Month | August 2017 | Nails

Artist of the Month

Hey there guys! I hope you are having an nice week so far! Today is the day where I share the artist of the month! This summer I found Nailart_bygracie on Instagram and her account just made me so excited. It reminded me of how IG was when I started because it was art and then a tutorial and that over and over! Plus her art is just lovely so that was a great plus! :) Oh and ya know her music choices for her videos are quite fun as well! So lets learn a bit about her today!

Hi! My name is Gracie and my instagram account is @nailart_bygracie. I am 15 years old and I live in Texas:) I started nail art because I saw all of the cutepolish videos on YouTube in 2012-ish, and I've been doing nail art ever since:)

I chose to do these butterfly nails because it's kind of my "signature" design lol, because I do them a lot, they're so fun and easy to do.. if you want to see the tutorial go to my instagram and I'll have it up tomorrow:) 


I hope you all have enjoyed getting to know a bit about Gracie and I hope you are now excited about having someone new to check on Instagram. You can find her here! Thanks so much for being my Artist of the Month Gracie, I love the mani you did! Its so happy and cute. For the thumbnail of this post I took some pics of hers that she's done over this summer to share some of my personal faves, and guess what?! All of those have tutorials on Instagram so go check those out!

~25 Sweetpeas


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