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Essie Top Coat Review

Hey loves! Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend! Today I have decided to share another Essie Review. Along with the polishes you say HERE I also received the Essie Speed Setter Top Coat so I thought I would share a bit of a more in depth review instead of just a little blurb in something.

Essie Top Coat Review

So this Essie Speed Setter claims to be an "Ultra Fast Dry Top Coat". On the back of the box of the top coat it says....

New Fast Dry Formula

High Speed, High Shine
Dries in less than a minute
Use with an Essie Polish

Essie Top Coat Review

Now after wearing it for the past week while swatching all of the Essie's and then wearing some for a bit I think I can now have an idea of what this top coat is like. So first off they claim its high speed dry time. As a avid Seche Vite user I can say this Essie does take longer than Seche Vite. Also it does take more than a minute to dry. Its still fairly fast but not that fast. It does have a nice high shine appearance. So shiny in fact that is can have scuffs and scratches on it. That can be good and bad! Ha! Now when I am looking into a top coat there is one thing that it MUST do. It must go on without smearing my art. There is nothing worse than having a time consuming design on and then it being ruined by your top coat. Literally its almost painful to have it ruined so soon. Thankfully this top coat did not smear my art which I was most happy about. Also it has a wide flat brush which I really liked because it allowed you to cover the majority of your nail in one swipe.

Essie Top Coat Review

Overall I do like it. It did shine nicely, it didn't smear my art, it dried fairly quick, and I loved the brush. Is it one I will go out and purchase when its gone tho? Humm I really don't know. Its a $10 top coat and I know I can get my normal go to that dries faster for less than that so I'm not sure. If it were on sale for the same price as my Seche Vite or INM then I might. I think that will be based on seeing how long the bottle lasts me! :)

I hope you have enjoyed this post! It was fun to kind of just sit down and chat with you all about a product! If you have any questions or requests for anything let me know in the comments below and I will talk to you guys later!

~25 Sweetpeas

* I received these products compliments of Essie as an #essiepartner and as part of the #preenmevip program. All of the comments and such reflect my own opinions. 


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