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by - Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Cacti Nails

Hey there guys! Gosh I feel like I have been on fast forward this week yet at the same time not. Weird, I know! Ha, anywhoooo I have a super fun mani to share with you today that I am just obsessed with!! Like this Cacti trend has totally sucked me in and I'm quite happy with it. So lets just get to the pictures!!

Cacti Nails

As you all have probably noticed lately, anytime I get a chance to just sit down and do a completely random mani I end up with pineapple, or cacti! I never really thought I would get into the cacti craze but oh my I love it! There is just something happy about it! Plus the succulents, ekkk! Love them! I mean could I keep a real one alive, probably not, but I can do my best to keep a fake one not dusty. Thats an accomplishment right?

Cacti Nails

So for this mani I was just feeling pink and so I kind of just ended up mixing it and gold to create a fun little geometric background. I love how gold and copper are super popular at the moment too. I love using it in a mani. Makes for a nice mix, and brings another element into a creme look. The pink and gold I used were/are acrylic paint and both were freehanded. I started with gold lines and them just filled in spots here and there of the pink and gold.

Cacti Nails

I then added in the cacti, which again was acrylic paint. I did use 2 shades of green for the cacti and then some black for the little poky bits! It was a fun mani to do. I honestly have no clue why I'm loving this trend so much but I am. I'm excited to try some more too. This one I kinda just made up, but I have some ideas saved on Pinterest soooo. Expect more! ;)

Cacti Nails

Its just one of those manis that makes me smile, and its one I never want to take off which is a super rare occurrence. I mean I love painting nails, its a fun thing to do a great way to just relax and destress so I paint almost everyday but with this one I just want to enjoy them. Well guys that is it for today, and I think it is the last post for August mani wise! I hope you have enjoyed these as much as I have. It was super fun to do. Tomorrow will be a bit of a different end of the month post but hopefully you guys like it so be sure to come back and check it out!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas

P.S The base polish is Serendipity Nail Polish #Goaldigger, I did not link it anywhere or really chat about it because sadly it is no longer available.

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