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by - Thursday, September 07, 2017

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Nicole Diary Polish

Hey there guys! Hope you are having a nice day. So today instead of art I'm bring a chit chatty post about the polishes I received from Nicole Diary. If you already watched my last video than you already have some insights in todays post. :) All of that said lets get into the post!

Nicole Diary Polish

Over this past weekend I posted this video HERE that was all about some brushes received from Nicole Diary. I also talked about the brushes in Mondays blog post here. Now as you saw in that video I had originally planned on creating a polish swatch video as well but that did not go as planned/hoped.

Nicole Diary Polish

I applied the first polish and it was really nice. That being said the fumes were intense. I am used to nail polish scent more than most and it usually doesn't bother me. However this time it was too much.  My whole room was overtaken with the smell and it just lingered for a long time. I ended up having to bring in a fan to hopefully circulate the air better. 

Nicole Diary Polish

After realizing how band it was I decided it was best to stop with the swatching. I have used another brand and there was one that was just too much and every time I would use this specific polish I would end up getting a headache so I just stopped while I was ahead. The polish I did swatch applied nicely and as you can see above looked nice. However you can also see how bad it stained.  That picture was taken after being removed with nail polish remover, and then I even used a nail brush and a sugar scrub. Overall I was not happy with that at all. It was lasting too, I think I still noticed the stains for a week.

Nicole Diary Polish

That all being said, I hope you all have found this post to be informative. If you have had this same experience or the complete opposite I would love to hear!

Talk to ya'll later!

~25 Sweetpeas

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