Gradation's and Doodles

by - Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Gradation nails

Finally I have done a gradation and I actually love!!! Ahh, I love gradations but the past so many I have done I haven't really liked but today that changes!!! So lets take a look and lets also talk about what I did different that I do believe was the deal breaker in this being a good gradation!

Gradation nails

For this look I started with a white base as usual when doing a gradation. Then on top I used 3 polishes from Julie G Polish! They are starting at the cuticle and going down.... Tropical, Santorini, and Cabana Boy. For the gradation I wetted the sponge first completely and oh my I really think that made a difference! That and maybe using all of the same brand for the gradation! I really love how it came out!

Gradation nails

Then on top of it I used some black acrylic paint and just doodle a bit for something fun and different. I love how its bright yet at the same time calm. Yeah I'm loving this color combo. I have had these polishes all summer and now I keep wondering why am I just now putting these together? If ya'll have these polishes you need to put them together!

Gradation nails

I then of course topped it with top coat. Lately I have been used Essie's Speed Setter top coat, which I talked about here. I did have to put on two coats of the top coat to get it fully glossy. One coat kinda just sunk into the mani and did nothing. So yeah that second coat was most needed.

Gradation nails

Thats it for today! I hope ya'll enjoyed this post! This mani turned out better than I had expected so I was pretty happy about that! Let me know what type of nail art you want to see next!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas

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