Summer Sunsets

Palm Tree Nails

Hey there, so summer may be coming to an end up ya know what? I'm not letting go! LOL! So today I have a fun Sunset Mani. It could be summer, fall, winter, or spring actually. I mean sunsets in general are just the best. Especially when there are palm trees involved right?

Palm Tree Nails

I have just realized that I didn't really do many palm tree manis this summer. Granted I can do them all year for any season because here they are a year around thing but still. I'm suddenly feeling like I need to make up for my lack of palm trees. So for this mani I started with white. Today I used Pretty Beautiful Unlimited White Out.

Palm Tree Nails

Then on top of that I watered down some acrylic paint and used a paint brush to create the sunset affect. I think that was my favorite part but I haven't done this technique in a bit, and I love doing it! :) Its such an imperfect method because it never comes out the same as the time before but I love that! Takes off the pressure of perfection which is what makes it perfect! :)

Palm Tree Nails

Then I free handed the trees with black acrylic paint, as well as the birds. There is just something about a sunset and palm trees. Its the perfect combo, oh and if you can get the ocean in there too its like a dream! Ah, there is just something so magical about a sunset. I love that quote I have been seeing around social media. Its about how a sunset is proof things can end beautifully.

Palm Tree Nails

So yeah, these nails just really make me smile. Plus it was OH SO fun to wear because it had been quite a while since I'd done something like this. I hope you all enjoyed these as much as I did! Also I may just have another palm tree look heading your way soon so stay tuned! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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