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Palm Tree Nails

Hey guys! Welcome to a super busy week! I feel like so many things are happening this week between Thanksgiving, Holiday releases, pre Black Friday sales, and then Black Friday sales! It seems to be never ending. Today I am teaming up with The Nail Art Squad for something special and then I have so much more coming to you in just a few short days. First up I wanted to let you know I have a post HERE all about all of the Black Friday sales. In addition to that I have also just announced details on #IGBlogmas! Be sure to check that out here. Now enough about all of that now on to todays nails!

Palm Tree Nails

So its Thanksgiving week for those of us in the United States so you are probably thinking, why are you posting palm tree nails? That being said I have a good reason! 😀 Now let me explain.... I wanted to get the Nail Art Squad for Thanksgiving and then I realized not everyone in the group would celebrate that because we are a group from all over the world. That being said Hannah from Hannah_Nails_It had the idea for Home Inspired manis which meant we would all do looks based off of where we live. First off that idea is just the best idea, and I thought it would be great to do right now because we could just take this time to celebrate how we have all become "digital" friends to create this group and we are all from so many different areas!

Palm Tree Nails

Mine as you can guess are inspire by my Favorite state that I am lucky enough to call home, Florida. I haven't lived in Florida all my life but in the years that I have been here I have fallen in love with it. Seriously I just love it. The cities that are near me are just so neat and they fit well with my likes and it all just has a great feeling. Plus I love the weather, and all of the places that are nearby. Needless to say I am all about a nice staycation! :) So much to see and do! I couldn't think of a single spot I wanted to highlight today so I went with something I just love, a sunrise or sunset. Seriously LOVE seeing both especially if its on the water. Ahhh, it sounds relaxing just thinking about it right now. In addition to the sky that I love to watch I also put in palm trees. Guys, I seriously love Palm Trees. I know you all know I love Pineapples but Palm Trees are right up there. They are just so spunky and bring a smile to my face. Yep I love them. Oh funny story. Last year we were on a trip in a place with no palm trees and I really missed seeing them. When we were on our way home we were in GA and finally hit a certain area and the Palm Trees were coming into view as were the pines and live oaks. It was joyful moment!

Palm Tree Nails

For this look I started with a white polish and then following that I used various acrylic paints to great the sky, and then black acrylic paint for the palms! It was so much fun to do these. Sadly I didn't get to wear this look that long tho, but trust me I think you will like the reason why! ;) {COMING SOON}

Palm Tree Nails

Here is a look at everyones mani! I love them, we have such a wide reach all over! I will be posting this all on my IG today and there will be links to everyones manis so ya'll can read about where they are each from! It turned out so neat!

Well that is it for today, I am about ready to go have a swatchathon and listen to Lauv's new song Paris in the Rain on repeat! Hehe! Its so good, anywhoooo I hope you have enjoyed this mani and this post, also I hope your week is off to a great start!

Talk to you soon!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. This is gorgeous! I especially love the background for your palm trees!

    1. Thank you so much! These were SOO much fun to do!

  2. You did an amazing job on the sky line here. <3 We get amazing sunsets here too, but mostly reds and pinks.

  3. That sky is so pretty! I wouldn't have guessed that you painted it with acrylic paints.


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