February Favorites | 2018

February Favorites

Hello and welcome to the last day of February?! How in the world is it already here, I have no clue I mean I guess it is always the shortest month but still. It went by quick. I do have some favorite things to share with you though. I mean it was a much shorter amount of time to try new things but I did and they were some really great things so I'm going to talk through them in todays video!

February Favorites

Here is a quick overview of what you will hear about in the video. :)

1. I am 100% Obsessed with Nails Inc, Ocean Ever After!!! Even though I only posted it last week I've had it longer than that and I've worn it a ton. I probably posted way to many photos of it too! Ha, oh well! Its a beauty.

2. The Zoella Sugar Scrub, oh my! I had this in my Hand scrubs video here a few weeks ago and at that time I had just purchased it. Now that I have used it even more, I can just say I love it even more. Its so nice, smells amazing, and feels wonderful.

3. Zoya Abby is a beauty. It was a new to me polish from the Bridal Bliss collection and I found my self using it often, its just such a happy light purple!

4. The Dimension Nails glitters! Ahh, this month was the first time I tried any and they are really great for glitter placements. I did 2 looks placing some of them this month and it was fun. You can check them out here.

5. Lastly I included the new Butter London PureCure Manicure system. I will just say now that I was impressed. I go into detail in the video on the experience so be sure to check it out. If you want to see the initial blog post you can here, and you can see the unboxing video here.

So what new things did you try this month? Anything you absolutely fell in love with?! Also should I do more of those videos!? That was so weird, kind of fun too!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. Ooo, that NailsInc polish looks stunning...

  2. Those glitters look so cool and the scrub sounds really lovely!

  3. I loved watching your video, you’re so beautiful! The nails inc duo does look amazing and I like the sound of the hand scrub, I must check that one out

  4. That Nails Inc was a winner for sure!

  5. I love seeing other folks favorites


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