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Unicorn Nail Art

Hey ya'll! Welcome back, oh my I am so excited about todays nails! To take a break from the mermaid craze I have been in this week I thought I would shake things up with a unicorn look. So a few years ago I feel like everyone feel in love with unicorn all the things. I never really caught on but these nails have changed things a bit!

Unicorn Nails

These nails were so inspired by the oh so popular, and cute unicorn cakes you see all over Pinterest. I loved the idea of it and when I went to look for a nail version I only saw ones that had 3D features and I don't know about you, but those aren't practical for me so I wanted something that could be all nail level and there were no tutorials out there so I decided I would figure it out! Which is why today I also have a new Tutorial up on my Youtube Channel.

Unicorn Nail Art

These were SOO fun to do too which surprised be and I kind of loved wearing these. They were just so girly and cute. Plus when we went into Winn Dixie they had a matching cake, it was adorable! Even cute lil cupcakes. So if you want a Unicorn cake and have a Winn Dixie near by I mean you now know wear to go! ;) Or if you are planning a Spring Break trip to Florida, and want a cake! LOL!

Polish wise I used 3 polishes from Zoya. I wanted a naked/negative space look but I wanted it a bit milk so I found a milky one from the Bridal Collection and used it to get that nude sheer look. So here is the run through of polishes......

Zoya - Bela (Sheer Milky pink)

Zoya - Snow White (White)

Zoya - Ginni ( Pixie Dust Glitter)

Unicorn Nail Art

All of the art bits were freehanded and done with acrylic paint because I love to work with it. :) Now you can see how to create this exact look below!

Unicorn Nail Art

Well that is it for today Unicorn and Mythical Creature wise. You consider them mythical creatures right?! I really loved doing them. Hope you guys liked them as well! :) I am loving everyone else manis this week. Be sure to check out everyones in the link below.

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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