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Takko Lacquer Zodiac

Hey y'all! Welcome back and guess what! I have more polishes to show you that are releasing on preorder tonight for Takko Lacquer! So I will go over part one of the new Zodiac Collection which will be releasing in parts throughout the year! This being part one, then I will go over release details and also share what polishes will be available from past releases!  Lets go!

Takko Lacquer Pisces

2-3 coat(s)

A cheer cobalt blue that is filled with purple, teal, silver, and green micro glitters. 

Takko Lacquer Pisces

This polish is beautiful! I love blue and this is just stunning! It does have a bit of a sheer formula but it builds up really nice in 2-3 coats depending on how thick/thin you do your coats. If you do have a bold white nail line it may take 3 coats for you but if your nails don't have that you will most likely only need 2!

Takko Lacquer Pisces

Even though it is a bit on the thin side it goes on really nice and evenly. Very easy to work with and well beautiful as you can see! :)

Takko Lacquer Taurus

1 coat(s)

A mocha brown filled with golden flakies that give it a very metal like finish along with magenta glitters and a little scattered holo. 

Takko Lacquer Taurus

This formula is amazing and one swipe down the nail is all you need. Its just great. If you tend to do really thin coats you might need two but its a thicker formula so most likely you will even be good with one coat. I did also try it with 2 just to see if it changed the color intensity or anything and it did not.

Takko Lacquer Taurus

Its such a neat polish! I love the metal look that the gold flakies give it. It really adds a lot!

Takko Lacquer Aries

2 coat(s)

A burgundy jelly based polish filled with everything. At the first glance you get very fiery glitter that shows red, orange, and gold! Then as you shift around your fingers you get green with a hint of teal. In addition to all of that there is also scattered holo micro glitters. 

Takko Lacquer Aries

This polish is a beauty with a dreamy formula for a jelly. Its also really hard to capture on camera. It just has so many different elements to is that make it come to life and as if every time you look at it you see something new. Its great. In the normal pictures you can only really see the fiery side of the polish but below there is more!

Takko Lacquer Aries

So here it is upclose on the nail and in the bottle. Yes that is the same polish! I was putting these photos together and was like no one is going to believe me. However I promise you that IS the same polish! Its so neat!

Takko Lacquer Zodiac

Well that is it! Hope you have enjoyed these! As I mentioned these go live on preorder on March 9th at 6pm EST and that will last until March 16th at 11:59pm EST. So if you are reading this on the day I am posting it all begins tonight with these and the Neutrals with a Pop! Trio!

There are also past polishes available so here is a quick list with links to their reviews to help y'all out!

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Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. Taurus is my fav and that's not even because i'm a taurus haha its so earthy! love it!

  2. Of course, this Aries instantly fell for the Aries polish though Pisces is great too in a totally different way

  3. I especially love Pisces! That one I had to pick up


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