Road to Polish Con with Takko Lacquer

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Takko Lacquer Fairyland

Hello and welcome back! Today I am super excited to show you the new Takko Lacquer polish that is being released for Road to Polish Con, because guess what?! Takko Lacquer will be at Polish Con this year! Woo, but don't worry this polish is available online this week to anyone. So those of us who can't get to the event can still be in on the polish fun! :) Anywhoo lets just get to the polish details!

Takko Lacquer Fairyland

This polish is called Fairyland, and its stunning! Its a very light lavender with a pink shimmery sheen running throughout it and then also filled with a linear holographic. Its gorgeous, and I love how it all picked up on camera, I was worried it wouldn't since it is a lighter color!

Takko Lacquer Fairyland

The formula was amazing as usual. 2 quick and easy coats, so smooth and nice. Consistent as always! :) As I am sure you can tell in the video.

If you have never used a Takko Polish before you should totally visit the table at Polish Con and pick one out! In case you didn't know... They are all 5 Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free, and all of the polishes are infused with Vitamin E.

Takko Lacquer Fairyland

This polish will be available all week on the Road to Polish Con site which you can find HERE. It will go on sale at 8am EST today and then be on sale until midnight EST Saturday! Shipping in the US has a flat rate of $3.50 and then if you are international its $11.

Takko Lacquer Fairyland

Today on my Youtube Channel I also have a swatch video up so you can see this beauty in action! I have the video linked below so be sure to go check it out!

Takko Lacquer Fairyland

Well that is it! Hope you have enjoyed seeing this new Takko Lacquer! Below I will link some ways you can stay up to date with Takko Lacquer and the Polish Con Event as well!

~25 Sweetpeas


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