Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 2

25 Sweetpeas Hand painted Art

Hello, happy Sunday and welcome back to Sweetpeas Picks! Yeah I'm not sure yet how to open these posts ha! Anywhoooo lets just get into it because I've just sat down with a homemade frappe and have new music on loudly in the background which means the writing is usually better than normal. Or at least I think it is, maybe its a figure of my imagination. :)

1. Ok so IGTV?! That came out of no where am I right? Im undecided on how I feel about it. I suppose the concept is nice for those who like to watch things on Instagram. I still have the mindset of Instagram being for pictures and lil 15 seconds videos and now quick stories like Snapchat. I feel like the focus has changed a bit too much what do you think? I did open it to try watching a few... That was interesting. I saw a cooking one that How Sweets Eats put out for a Hamburger Salad and I watched that in its entirety. I saw a video The Vamps put out, and the resolution was like WHOA, so I watched it. It was short like 2-3 minutes I think. On anything longer I found myself fast forwarding. So not sure the 10 minute thing is all that beneficial for me. I'd rather rotate my phone and watch a 40 minute Youtube video while painting. LOL! I don't mind rotating! Also I love watching Youtube on my TV/Computer/Ipad...... So as a viewer I'm not sure yet if I like it or not. As for the creator point of view, I'm once again not sure. Like its a nice new option for us to explore but also is just adding to things, since the format is completely different than anything else its just kinda eh at the moment for me. Plus now that I say that I will probably end up liking it!

2. I love music, I'm sure y'all know that by now and Sundays are definitely going to be times where I share more of my music love. Yesterday I found a new song by HRVY and its called Hasta Luego featuring Malu Trevejo and its fun! Makes you want to dance, which is fitting since they talk about dancing. Also I know some of the Spanish words in it! I love that. Ha, hispanic music is just fun and every now and then when I can say oooo I know that word it just makes it even more fun!

3. Guys China Glaze just rereleased the OMG! Flashback collection. Did you have the original? I didn't, it came out in 2008 and honestly at that point I was just wear what ever nail polish my mom had. Hard to believe there was a time when I didn't have a polish collection. Ok I did the math, I was 12 when it came out! I believe I started buying all the polish when I was 15 maybe 14. LOL! Anyway I'm pretty excited about it, its pretty! I will have swatches of it soon. And I mean soon, not musician's soon if ya know what I mean.

4. Dan + Shay came out with a new CD! I'm not a country music fan, but there are 3 country artists I will listen too and they are one of them. The new CD is really good. The ones that stood out to me were.... Alone Together , Stupid Love , No Such Thing , What Keeps you Up At Night , Island Time

5. I needed something to watch so I started this season of Bachelorette and caught up. Wow-o lots drama in the first few episodes, granted would I expect anything less, no! :) Ha, not sure I love it. I'm more excited for Bachelor in Paradise. I wish that were on in the Early summer not late!

6. Mentioning of summer according to calendars all over, its now officially summer! Wooo, did y'all do anything extra fun in the longest day of the year? For me it it looked no different than any other day. Actually it looked like 8pm at like 3pm due to some insane storms.

7. I love following food blogs! Like they always have gorgeous photos and fun things to read, the only drawback is that you then get hungry. I was just reading this recipe for Chicken Salad Stuffed Avocados, YUM. It looks so good, bummed we don't have the ingredients. Ha!

8. I'm always trying to improve things. Maybe it my photos, maybe its my videos, maybe its the blog look, or the type of content. Some times though I hold certain style of posts back because it doesn't fit with the rest of my content, but I was working on a project this weekend and I realized how much I enjoyed the different things I was working on and I think I might just do it. I was genuinely having SO much fun, and it felt good. I even texted my best friend and was like "why don't I do this more?!" it was just such a great feeling!

9. This kind of goes with what I was talking about above but I love reading blogs in general and can't say that enough. I recently really enjoyed this post Anna from the Anna Edit put up about Youtube. The last part "its all in the edit" was SO spot on! As some may know I switched up my video process in April and it was SUPER daunting, and might I say even a bit stressful. However its not anymore. After figuring things out I feel so much better about what I am doing and feel more ready to try new things. I think/hope its shown in some of the more recent videos because its been fun! Plus like she said when you want to learn how to do something you can always go to Youtube! Ha!!!

10. So I had a random Idea after doing the last mani I posted and it came to me like really late on Friday night so yesterday morning soon as I woke up I did it. I decided to paint it on paper which is what the cover of this post it! It was SO much fun to do something on paper and then figure out how to put it on the computer! Ha, now I want to do more! If only there were more hours in the day!

Well guys I best wrap it up or I'll chat all day and not do what I need to be doing! So I will talk to y'all very soon, ekkk I'm so exited about something! Can't wait to share!

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah


  1. Idk how in feeling with all the changes on IG either! I miss the old days IG lol!

    I hate video editing amd find it daunting as well so ill have to check out that blog post you spoke about and maybe it will help me as well ❤

    1. Same, I am liking IGTV less and less. Going to count it as a lost cause I think!

      It can be for sure! I feel like its all about getting in the right groove!

  2. Love these type of posts! And I am pretty excited about that new CG collection, may have to pick them up!

    1. Yay, I've been loving creating them! Me too! I think its a great revival!

  3. I'm so glad China Glaze is re-releasing their OMGs! I had I think two of the originals but I no longer have them as a friend really wanted one and the other just kind of disappeared one day. I'm hoping they decide to relaunch the other 6 shades later this year!

    1. Well then double YAY because now you can get them all! They are pretty and what a perfect time for their revival right!?

  4. Nice post. I am excited about China Glaxe OMG re release. For sure i will get them.

    1. Thank you! It really is a neat re-release! Perfect time for it too!


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