Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 3

Its almost time for the fourth of July guys! Are you ready? All planned, and excited. I think I am! I have been working on a video I am pretty excited about for tomorrow so stay tuned, going to have all of the 4th of July Nails to show you!

1. Ok we are 2 weeks in and IGTV. Yeah, nope. Not my thing, not loving it as a viewer or creator. Literally I tried to upload two small like 1-3 minute videos this week and all "failed" are multiple tries. Not worth the time in my opinion, you? I for sure haven't opened it to watch anything. I'll just watch YT when I have time and scroll through IG when multitasking!

2. Oh my guys, so we don't traditionally shop on the weekend, let alone a holiday weekend but the stores looked like we were prepping for a Hurricane (we are not!) it was crazy. Also it was warm out and rainy and going in and out of the stores AC was too much. I didn't have my normal grocery store jacket with me, it was so cold!

3. The new Panic at the Disco CD has been a few this week, its really good!

4. Ok I am so obsessed with THESE nails by APolishedColleen on Instagram. They totally remind me of those scribble drawings you would do as a kid and then color or doodle in certain sections. I always loved that!

5. Loving the new All Time Low song, Birthday! Plus I mean the way it was released was super cool! Read about it here, if you haven't! Basically they sent cakes to fans for their Birthdays and gave a link on the cake box that led people to the new song. HOW FUN!

6. This week has been so busy and its what 2am as I am writing this! I need to catch up and release all the things this week. :)

7. Coewless is just amazing, did you see her sharpie mani here, OH MY!

8. My Summer Vibes Magazine came out this past week and I'm so happy! It had been a long time coming, did you see it yet? If not check it out here.

9. Miss Zoe Sugg released her new Splash Botanics collection and it looks so pretty, I just checked and it looks like its actually in stock in one of my Ultas, may have to check it out if I'm in that area this week. Its packaging is gorgeous and I love some of her older products.

10. Any good fun beach-y movie recommendations?! I rewatched Fools Gold and it reminded me of how sad it is that movies like that don't release anymore. Like seriously that one and Into The Blue, are some of my faves. All the gorgeous water scenes, ahhhh! <3

Well guys that is it! Hope you have a great week, I am off to continue working on tomorrows fun/massive blog post and play catch up, I am super looking forward to this week.

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah


  1. Great picks! For beach movies....I always think of surfing - which my hubby loves. Blue Crush, Chasing Mavericks (true story), documentary Endless Summer is pretty cool too - follows surfers around the world on a trip. They meet all sorts of cool people.

    1. ooo, those sound neat, I will have to see whats on demand or Netflix! Ocean-y movies are always a good idea in my mind!

  2. I second Blue Crush, it's a great feel-good summer movie :)


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