Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 6

Sweetpeas Picks

Ahh, time for one of my personal favorite blog posts to write each week, Sweetpeas Picks. So quick question? How often do you find yourself reading blog posts? I know I read them all the time but have been wondering about others so let me know. :)

1. So this week I kind of started a new hobby?! Not that I have time for it but.... I've really slacked on using my planner in the past so many months yet have been ok, but also have like a bazillion lists on my desks with my "to do's". So after spending more time on Pinterest looking at Bullet Journaling I convinced myself it could be a fun way of keeping lists and rather than plan day by day, I can plan by project. I mean most often when I use a planner its to keep blogging and such organized but I found myself having a planner, an idea book, and lists near me all the time which take a lot of space might I add. Plus then I would change something in the planner like decided to flip flop days,  it got all icky and I didn't like that. So with this bullet journal my plan is to plan by project. So light right now I am working on a swatch/review thing so I have pages with just that posts information. From the swatch notes, to do check list, and little reminders of things I need to do before launch. So far I really like it, plus it kinda looks neat.

2. So going along with that last little bit this week I discovered AmandaRachlee on Youtube and Instagram and ahh, I love her work! Its so pretty and she is just so talented. Definitely going to try out some of her tutorials some time.

3. I don't know if I've mentioned it in this series or in a bit on the blog, but in case you don't know... I also write. I have two books I am working on at the moment and oh my this week!! So I haven't been able to actually sit and write this week but I always have something with me to write down the latest ideas in, and this week for some reason the note on my Phone has become massive and now I just want to write. Today would be perfect too, its stormy and icky and I have the perfect music on for it, but #priorities.

4.  Did anyone watch Naughty and Delicious this morning? Katie Pix new show on the Food Network! How cool is that, I have yet to watch it but it is taped and I think its so neat she got a show! Woohoo, her enthusiasm on her Instagram today has been SO great!

5. The weather this week has honestly stunk. Like there were no beach days, and what is a summer week with out a beach day?! This is madness! Today is the worst day yet, like I need to record a voice over but the thunder is loud and now there is another round approaching and apparently there are tornadoes in it sooo....

7. No bake cookies are great, we seem to go in spurts when it comes to them! LOL, last summer I recall making them a few times and then its just like we forgot about them. Then last weekend we made THIS recipe again and YUM! They are so good. We did find them to have too many oats tho, but that could be due to fact we used old fashioned oats. However we made them again today and only used 2 cups of old fashioned oats and they are perfect! Like I could eat them all if that would be acceptable but eh probably not a good idea! LOL. Check out the recipe here.

 8. This week is shark week in case you didn't know! :) I did a Shark Week Blog post and video on Friday, and loved it. So happy with how they came out. Also on another note, my Instagram is so behind and it seems to be like 2 days behind or so, so I might go overboard one of these days and catch up so I don't feel like things are going out later than they should because right now I feel like Fridays stuff wouldn't come out until like Wednesday so I need to speed it up and play catch up!

9. So I am one of those people that when I have an idea, I must do it right away other wise I'll talk myself out of it, hence how come I quickly dove into the Bullet Journal thing. Anywhoooo, this weekend like yesterday. I had this idea that I didn't really think I would be able to pull off, however I figured out a big chunk of it, and now I'm kinda hyped about it. Now I need to go play with it and see if it will work in its final stage the way I want and if it DOES you will see it tomorrow. :) Basically it has to do with graphic, and no one will really realize it but it basically just results in my being capable of making my own clip art and more graphic from my real life art. :)

Well I am going to cut this post a lil short this week because tomorrows blog post it kinda large and I really want to go work on what I was talking about in #9! I don't know anyone will really notice anything, but for me on the graphic design perspective it will be kind of a big deal, plus allow me too design/customize everything even more. Also Possibly allow me to create phone wallpaper downloads!? Not sure but its kind of exciting! Also the art that is the photo at the top of the blog post is some watercolor art I did a few weeks ago, and I believe I posted it on Instagram! :) I really do want to do more watercolor. I feel like I used to do it in spurts but then always put it as "less important" than nails because I feel like it wasn't worth anything. However I suppose if I look at it as something I can share on here I will make time. Is that messed up, yeah a bit, but if it works it works right?! LOL!

Well ok, now its over! Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if anyone else bullet journals, or how you do it?! Or really just anything about it! :) I'm so obsessed with looking at photos on Pinterest of peoples Bullet Journal art! Literally they are masterpieces!

~25 Sweetpeas (Aka Sarah)


  1. I’m a writer too! Cheers to writing. Weather sucks here too. So much rain and humidity in the 80% ughhh

    1. Ugh humidity is the worst! Yay! Today I decided to just write and organize things for one of the books and it was kind of super nice!

  2. I've been loving all of your watercolor paintings lately, so I'm stoked to see what you're doing on the graphic design side of things!

  3. I really like reading blogs, but I feel like a lot of people give up on investing a lot of time writing posts since so many people are just looking for quick swatches. I know how much hard work goes into putting out quality writing!

  4. I loved your shark week mani.. I hope I have some time this week to do one!

  5. Wow! 2 books?!? that is quite the undertaking! I love to write, but don't have the discipline to stick with it. Blogging is as much time as I have for now a days. Congratulations!

  6. I can't get into journaling. Honestly I don't do anything that I want to remember, lol. I am not a planning person, it makes me anxious. I do so much writing and project managing during the day I just want to chill out when I am home. I wish it was more fun for me!


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