Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 7

Sweetpeas Picks

Hello there guys! Wow, so this past week flew by. Like way to quick, can it just go back to June so we can just live in summer forever. I don't even want to think about what is coming next month. Ugh! Anywho, lets chat! This week was once again a weird one for weather but oh well! I did some things which one you see above!

1. As you may of noticed on Instagram the art "bug" has stuck, and I'm kind of excited about it. I definitely want to keep it up and share more on Instagram with you! Its been fun and yesterday I designated some time to just working on water color art. I usually get so caught up in blog stuff or other things that I let my other hobbies kinda just dissipate but not this time!

2. I know I talked about AmandaRachlee last week but if you want to just be inspired just watch her videos, literally she is so talented! Her video of 50 Hand Lettering Ideas is amazing, and I feel like some are do-able! Well at least she makes it look doable!

3. Ever heard of a ruffled milk pie? I don't think I have but after seeing this one, well I totally want to try one!

4. This weekend has been kind of a creative one, lots of paper and then editing, and when this happens that also means lots of music which has been fun. I have found that I like using those "This Is *insert artist/band name here*" on Spotify and letting them play all the way through and then it suggest's artists you might liked based on the one you were listening too and I've found some pretty good ones which is always exciting.

5. Fall Collections are out and that just seems crazy to me! I reviewed the first one for the season and its the Zoya Collection which I do like and I now feel like I would do art to go with, but really its too soon. I am not a fall person so I find it hard to start fall art prematurely, however Christmas I would do!

6. Dana from The Wonder Forest is releasing a watercolor book and its so pretty. Check it out here. Its got the light sketches in the book for you to work off of and it is also printed on special paper so you can do the watercoloring in the book! Oh and its on Amazon too.

7. Ooo, so I am not a broccoli person what so ever, so I mean if you can make it look appealing I am all for it. This recipe actually looks pretty good. Its a Bacon Broccoli Pasta dish that also has parmesan in it so I mean it can't be that bad right?! LOL, plus I love Jessica's Posts!

8. So in this new Art Endeavor I have totally started following more people on Instagram. One that I am a lil obsessed with and am enjoying her quick lil tutorial videos would be Danika.ink oh my! She is so talented. This jelly fish art is just AMAZING!

Well guys I think that is it for today, I am now off to work on tomorrows blog post and video. Plus some other ideas I am considering. I kind of want to do something more with my art, like take it to the next level. Is there anything you guys would like to see with it that might be beyond just an Instagram Post?! Ok I bet get busy, talk to you all tomorrow.

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah


  1. Always enjoy reading these types of posts & your art is beautiful

    1. Well thank you so much! I love reading them and writing them so I'm glad others enjoy them too!

  2. I'm loving your art so I'm glad to see it's sticking around!

    1. Thank YOU! So glad to hear that too, I feel like using in on here and on IG is making me more likely to keep it around too!

  3. I love this type of posts, all in one. About Zoya I love their collections but last few of them I feel like these are very similar shades.

    1. Yay, so glad to hear! Yeah, there were some pretty similar pinks earlier this year. I feel like the new fall one ranges a bit out of those tho so thats good! :)

  4. There are some fun recipes in here.


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