Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 10

Sweetpeas Picks

Welcome back for a new Sweetpeas Picks! I am honestly not sure how in the world its been a whole week. Like it flew by and in August I just want things to take their time, but nope! Apparently that is near to impossible! :)

1. Ok so I have slightly accepted the fact that its time to start with the fall things. The general public and decorating shall wait but I do realize collections and fall related releases need to happen so doing what I do I must cave and join in! So be prepared, its about time I start posting, *sniff sniff, as a tear falls* fall content. As more fall lines trickle out, I am liking the shades actually!

2. On another note tho, fall clothing could you please wait!? Like I still need to find a good pair of everyday cute shorts because its still in the 90's!

3. Not that I even want to think about Halloween, but I did see Fashion Footings video about the China Glaze Halloween collection. I will have to say I am a bit intrigued.

4. So I have never tried any lip products from BH Cosmetics but after THIS post from Slashed Beauty I kind of want too! All of those lip colors are so me, well besides Mel! I would wear the rest tho!

5. So this upcoming week is going to be my like 3rd or 4th , depending on how you look at it, Topic Tuesday Video! I'm happy I have stuck with it even tho there have been some filming hinderances, aka storms and loud outdoor things! LOL! Its been fun and I feel like it has really brought in some neat conversations which makes YT fun I think! If you haven't seen any of them you can catch up here.

6.  Oh my so I've once again found a song on Youtube that is not on iTunes yet and its soooo good and I would buy it but nooo, its not on iTunes. LOL! Its sooo good too! Its called Afterglow by The Driver Era. Oh and honestly I didn't think I would care for Driver Era based on the first single but yeah that has changed! :)

7. This weekend I watched the new Netflix Original To All the Boys I've Loved Before, and I have to say I actually really enjoyed it. If you liked Kissing Booth also a Netflix Original, you will probably like it. It is based off the first book in its series by Jenny Han, and I think it made a good movie. I never read the books, granted I did pick them up but I only read books that take place in the summer (I have weird hang ups sometimes LOL). The plot did sound intriguing tho, I now kind of want to read the next two to find out how it all really ends tho! If you have yet to see it you should check out the preview here. The preview is a pretty good representation of the movie too! I think its good for all ages as well, even guys will enjoy it I think! I had 2 watch with my, my brothers and one was quite surprised that he liked it because its not his type of movie, and the other one also liked it!

In case you don't want to watch the preview basically it is about a girl who writes letters to any guy she has ever had a major crush on. She then hides it and does nothing about the crushes for various reasons. However somehow all of the letters get sent out and well things get quite interesting! Like I said earlier, it was good and you should watch it! :) Also there was good music in it! :)

8. LOVE these nails from Polished Lifting! She pulled off the leaf I just cant seem to pull off, and I am loving it!

9. Ok so Instagram is a lot of things, and well even tho I rarely see content from people I follow some how pour paints and neat alcohol ink masterpieces have shown up in my IG feed and I'm not mad about it, they are SO fascinating! THIS is the account I have started to follow because its so mesmerizing!!

10. Oh and why we kinda are talking about Instagram.... Has it been super bad for everyone lately? I feel like I see the same 10 people in my feed, and I follow WAY more than 10! I also feel like its just eh. Maybe I need to switch things up. What do you guys want to see from me on IG? I feel like I want to mix everything up on there but its not working. :(

This weeks photo was from a beach day this past week! The beach was much smaller than in past weeks, but I did find some good shell pieces! Also fun fact, this pic was taken not too long before a random storm popped up and soaked us! Ha!

Well guys even though I could continue on talking I best get busy on tomorrows blog post, video and more! I am excited about it and I think/hope y'all will like it! Its going to be a busy few weeks over here on the blog but I think thats a good thing, and am excited about it so hopefully you are too! Also I might just be working on something else art related in the background that I will share info about soon, so stay tuned! ;)

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah


  1. I am looking forward to the deeper fall colors!

  2. I'll see if I can catch that movie on Netflix next weekend

  3. Instagram sucks. I see the same few people and my interactions have gone way down.

    1. Right?! Today I tried something and it worked but really it just keeps going down hill.

  4. Yeah Its been REAL bad lately and its just so sad and I find I am missing so many things! I hope you like it! I think it was really good!

  5. I'm seriously so excited for everything Fall, so I say bring it on haha! And yeah, I hear you on Instagram. I feel like I get more interaction from using stories, so it's like why bother will keeping up with my feed.

  6. #preach about IG!! I was digging the Halloween collection from CG - the fact that they are all black is really cool!

  7. I fell like all of my social media is a bit messed up lately and only showing me the same people and not everyone I follow. Which means peopl who follow me don't see me either. It's very frustrating. I looked at All the Boy I've loved before on Neflix but need to finish the few things that I'm watching now before starting a new one.

  8. Ahh.. I just can't wait for fall.. and yes.. Sammy Gorin's work is truly mesmerizing..

  9. I'm super not ready for Fall! I need another 2 months of Summer at least!


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