Nails Inc Caffeine Hit + National Coffee Day Nail Art

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National Coffee Day Nail Art

Hello there and welcome back! So today I have something a lil fun for you! This Saturday is National Coffee Day for those of you who may not know, but I'm sure most all coffee lovers know this! Or maybe I just know too many random things ha! That all being said, I have art for the occasion as well as coffee themed polish swatches!

Nails Inc has a Caffeine Hit Collection that came out a while back and I have had a few I have been saving to share closer to this important Holiday! LOL!!! Sadly I haven't seen them available all year on the Nails Inc or Sephora site. I was hoping they would pop up for this month but they don't appear to have. From the research I did do I did find that there were originally 4 polish released with Caffeine in them, and they also released a Caffeine Hit Coffee Scrub at the same time but its still available here. I really like it, it smells like a mix of coffee with a hint of a minty-ness. Its not as exfoliating as you would expect, but it still feels really nice. Plus I mean the coffee scent has me! I actually think to coffees have a hint of a coffee scent as well once they dry, but maybe I am imagining it.

Nails Inc Chai Kiss

Chai Kiss
2 coats

A tan creme polish.

Nails Inc Chai Kiss

This polish has a really nice creme formula and applies superbly. I just love Nails Inc brushes! I know this one is called Chia Kiss but to me I think off coffee with a splash of creamer, or Half and Half which is my preferred way!

Coffee Nail Art

So for this one I decided to do a fun lil quote because I kinda did something... A little test run at something I am working on and this matches. I decided a to design a mug with a coffee cup drawing I did a few weeks ago with this quote! Here is a look at it, its on Zazzle now! I'm kinda excited about it but also not sure, ha! Its a test trial run for sure, there are some other items up too that match though. :)

Here is the mug with the deigns I created a while back and then decided to create with mani for! :)

Coffee Nail Art

Because  I mean lets be honest, coffee is the best start to a day right? I start everyday with it after taking care of Miss Dixie, then have a cup catch up on emails and then the day begins!

Nails Inc Afternoon Mocha

Afternoon Mocha
1-2 coats

A brown creme polish.

Nails Inc Afternoon Mocha

Afternoon Mocha is a super rich brown and lovely. I had full coverage in one coat honestly but I did two to just have a full complete feel. The formula was/is amazing and its just a lovely shade!

Coffee Nail Art

On this one I decided to just go for a frappe because thats always a nice splurge treat. Although I like to make them at home on the norm! Hehe!

Also I love how this brown looks matte? How about you?

Nails Inc Caffeine Hit

Well guys, that is it! I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have. What brown was your fave? Will you be sporting a Coffee Mani for Saturday? Or just have a cup of coffee! I think I will celebrate a day early on Friday with Starbucks BOGO happy hour!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. I love coffee inspired colors. Yes please to these colors and the art!

  2. Afternoon Mocha is such a great rich shade of brown. <3

  3. Both of those colors area amazing! And your art is adorable.

  4. Afternoon Mocha with matte is so gorgeous! Love your nail art too.

  5. Gah, I love this post so much!! Not only are the polishes lovely, but your nail art is so cute!!

  6. These are nice shades, but I feel like I’ve seen similar with Zoya.


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