Happy Halloween Crystal Ball Nail Art

Crystal Ball Nail Art

Hello there and welcome to a late night Halloween Post! Hope you all have been having a nice evening. I remembered last minute that I still had a halloween mani yet to share so I thought I better do it before the clock strikes midnight and we got Full Force Christmas!

Crystal Ball Nail Art

So the other day I did a very different mani that you have yet to see, and was chatting with my mom about how fun it was to do because it wasn't "traditional" and the inspiration came from music so then we were talking about how you can just be inspired by anything and then she was like you should do a crystal ball mani! Then suggested I could put the words Ghost of You in it and then it would be another music oriented mani. However as you can see I did not do the wording even though I did contemplate it! Ha!

But once I got the ball does I liked the mixture of colors and glitters to much to cover it! So I just left it alone. I had a lot of fun with these nails! They were so mixed with all of the little details, from the glitter to the neons, to the holo! So lets go over all of the polishes. I used all Salon Perfect Polishes and might I say I loved them all!

Black - Oil Slick

Neon Purple - Moon Ring

Orange Holo - Shapeshifter

Gold Glitter - Lust At First Bite

Neon Orange - Traffic Cone

Silver and Gold Metallic - Acrylic paint

Well guys that a wrap on the Halloween Art! I do have a new video coming Friday that does feature some of the Polishes that were mentioned in this post because they are Limited Edition Halloween polishes. I felt that since they will still be in stores and feature some polishes that could be good anytime of the year that it would still be nice to show you a swatch video and since there are only so many hours in the day it will be up Friday! :)

Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. What a great mani. I love how it looks matte.

  2. Might be my favorite mani of yours yet! So fun and Halloween festive!

  3. This is amazing Sarah! I love it! I'm looking forward to your holiday nail art for winter! :)

  4. I LOVE this. The garlands that you made are so pretty!


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