Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 17

Sweetpeas Picks

Hello there everyone! Hope you have had a nice weekend, its time for a new Sweetpeas Picks post which you all know is one of my favorite things. Its up a bit late today because honestly I was thinking it was Saturday, ha! Its not which I'm happy about because I love Mondays!

1. Did you guys see what happened to the Banksy painting? Its like an episode of White Collar!

2. I miss White Collar, that was a good show! I feel like there are no good shows anymore.

3. So this week I was really liking the song called Narcissist by No Rome and The 1975. The song musically  just has such a nice vibe. Very chill like a sunny day on your way down a street lined in palm tree in no hurry. LOL!

4. Y'all for like the past two weeks I've been blogging AND posting new videos like daily because of release date and WOW! Thats crazy, and I can't believe I got it all done.

5. Mentioning of blogging daily, I think this week we will be back on the normal schedule, however behind the scenes I'm going to be rushing because we may be dealing with the effects of a Cat 2 Hurricane later this week sooooo.

6. SO many beautiful polish releases lately! Did you see the new Glisten and Glow polishes that came out today?! I love polishes that help others. Check them out here.

7. All Time Low did a Cover of Kiwi originally by Harry Styles, which I'm not really a fan of but I thought they did a really good job!

8. GUYS! I saw a pic of the new China Glaze Holiday Collection! Its the Grinch Theme for the new movie and it looks fun, as are the names! I love holiday collection!

9.  This almond crumb cake is really good! Is has more crumbs than cake and its perfect!

Well guys thats it for today! Sorry this is a shorter one but its been busy! Hope you are having a great weekend! Did you guys pick up anything from Polish Pickup?! I loved the Wario villain polish! It was really fun!

Todays photo that is the thumbnail I took last weekend! Its on the Matanzas right actually where it mixes with the ocean! :)

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah


  1. This is such a busy blogging season! I’ve been posting every day!

  2. That is so crazy about the Banksy painting! I love it!

  3. The Banksy painting cracked me up. Of course the rich people ate it up.

  4. Ahhh, I love these posts. I'm glad you're all over the place with things like me, lol.


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