Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 21

Sweetpeas Picks

Hello and welcome back, long time no chat! Last weekend was a bit too busy and I missed out on creating a Sweetpeas Pick post so making up for it today! How have you been? I can't believe this week is Thanksgiving! Anyone have any fun plans, or any fun Black Friday things you are excited about.

1. Last weekend was the first Christmas Tree lighting of the year and we got to see Jesse McCartney which was really nice. He was really good live!

2. Have you seen the new Netflix Christmas movie The Princess Switch? It was so good, check out the trailer here. It was light and funny!

3. Looking for good polish sales for Black Friday/Cyber Monday? Here is a list!

4.  Helene from Helene In Between has a great list up of Black Friday sales for Blogging things so if you are a blogger you might want to check this out.

5. My mom and I just got the Delish Cookbook by Delish which I'm sure you've seen at some point on social media, and its great! We literally got it Saturday and have already made 2 things from it and currently have shrimp thawing for another recipe and have a few marked for Thanksgiving! GREAT book. If you need a fun easy to follow cookbook that has photos for every recipe you should check it out. I am not one to "cook" I usually bake but this makes both look doable. Seriously, amazing! You can literally see a flip through here, and then you will be hungry!

6. The Most "Iconic" Christmas dish state by state! Apparently ours is Cranberry Sauce, I wouldn't of guessed that!

7. Friday was actually a good music day! 2 new songs came out that I really like! American Boy by Little Mix which isn't something I would usually like but its so good! Then my fave, Cemetery by COIN!

Well guys I am off to work on a bunch of new videos/blog posts for the week so I will chat with you all very soon!

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah


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