Introducing Nailmas | 2018


Hello and welcome to Nailmas! December 1st has arrived and so has the first ever Nailmas! To those of you who don't know what Nailmas is let me explain, because I kind of made it up!

Most likely you have heard of Vlogmas, you know, where people vlog daily starting December 1st or 2nd all the way up until Christmas? Well I've always enjoyed those but vlogging just doesn't work for my lifestyle so I decided to come up with a version that would be more fit, Nailmas. So for Nailmas from December 1st - 24th I will be posting a nail related Christmas themed video daily on my Youtube channel!


Day 1 is up now on my Channel and here is a little peek at what todays mani is and what the intro looks like! :) I had so much fun creating all of the graphic for the intro and putting all of that together. Truth be told, I actually did all of the intro before Halloween! LOL!


Now with Nailmas going on I will still have my normal content happening on here and Youtube so that may mean days of double videos! That being said though, there will not be daily blog posts for Nailmas, I will be doing weekly recaps of the nails on here after the fact as a weekend post just to not overwhelm everyone! :) Hope you like that idea! 

So as the day goes on you should be able to see more posting about #Nailmas because guess what?! Others will be joining Nailmas, as well and anyone else is welcome to as well. All you need to go is use #Nailmas on any social media channel. Below is a list of some I know will be attempting #Nailmas this month :) I will be adding more to the list as I know more!

I am so very excited about all of this and can't wait to start sharing Christmas things! Who else is excited! Also remember its not too late, and it can be as simple as Christmas Nail Related posts anywhere! 

Happy Holidays!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. So cute Sarah! We are both from atypical climates where there isn't much snow, so our ideas of Xmas are a little different and so fun!

  2. This is super fun. I would love if other holidays would be included!


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