Sweetpeas Picks Vol 22

Hello there everyone! Its finally time for a new Sweetpeas Picks! Its been quite a bit, and I miss it! December just became way to busy between a horribly timed cold, Nailmas, working on the massive Polish Pickup (which is going on now by the way), life, and just enjoying Christmas in general there was no spare time! Even right now things still feel a bit behind because of routines being all out of whack, but slowly regaining some normalcy and planning all the things! Plus I mean ending the first weekend of 2019 right with a Sweetpeas Picks!

1. I know you are all probably sighing at the fact you are seeing *another* Christmas photo, but I'm still in Christmas mode! Granted I think this will be our last weekend with the trees up but thats why I need to enjoy them all that much more! This year I made some ornaments to add to our tree. The one photographed above is my fave!

2. My roasted chickpeas just came out of the oven and oh my! I am kind of obsessed with them, my plan was to have them to have for lunches this week, but about half of them are gone now and they acted as an afternoon snack it seems! I used THIS recipe. So easy! You may have seen some snaps of the process on my Insta Story! Wait can you call those "snaps"?

3. Also while on the topic of edible things! Last night I made THESE with white chocolate chips, and peanut butter chips and they were just what I wanted. LOVE a soft chewy cookie any day of the week! Psst, mine made more than 12 and I did do the double scoop with the cookie scoop!

4. For Christmas I got the Morphe 35V palette and I love it! It has a lot more bold shades in it than I traditionally use but since Christmas I have been playing with them and I love it. Its been so fun too! The shade Ride or Die might be one of the neatest most unique eyeshadow shades I have ever used!

5. Anyone shop the after Christmas clearance at Target! We found some things we had wanted to get before what we just didn't get a chance to before and wow, such great deals! Also got to get Dixie another robe! I mean it was $9.99 and on clearance for $0.99, how could we not. :) She's one of those dogs that actually loves her "coat" she gets so excited when its winter and I get them out, and then her scarfs! Oh my its so cute!

6. Polish Pickup was this weekend! Did you grab anything? I was lucky enough to be one of the bloggers of the month along with the Painted Fingertips! It was overwhelming at times for sure because I was working on I during my busy blogging/youtubing/life time but I made it work and it was really a fun experience!

7. So many interesting music things lately! I can't wait for another Music Files post!

8. I'm so sad all of the Christmas movies on Hallmark are over! What were your favorites! I liked, Road to Christmas, Mingle all the Way, and Jingle Around the Clock!

9. On the topic of Christmas movies Netflix wise my favorite was the Princess Switch with Vanessa Hudgens.

Well guys, that it for today! I'm so excited to be back with Sweetpeas Picks! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! :) Be sure to let me know what your favorite Holiday movie from the Holiday movie season!? I'm so bummed they are over, but now on to Winter Fest on Hallmark and the Bachelor! :D

Talk to you soon!

25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah


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