Sweetpeas Picks Vol 24

25 Sweetpeas

Hello there and Happy Sunday, finally back for another Sweetpeas Picks post which I have to say is one of my favorite posts to write each week. Last weekend was hectic and I started a massive Blogoversary blog post so Sweetpeas Picks never came too so... Now we are back on to things with a Sweetpeas Picks post.

Yesterday morning it was so sunny and pretty out that I decided to sort out my studio area in my room and by the time I was gone clouds set it and made it so hard to be creative so yesterday didn't quite go as planned which is such a bummer, and today its cold and rainy not a fun mix. So I've made it a PJ and blogging evening. Except for the moment where I have to take Dixie out, who doesn't like rain and doesnt have a rain poncho so I've literally just been holding the umbrella over her while she walks around outside. Ha, just picture that, I bet that looks super weird! Also in case you don't know and are new here Dixie is my puppy sister! Ha!

1. Did you see the KL Polish Winter Reign Collection that came out I think its was pre Christmas? Jackie Montt put out swatches of the collection and they are really pretty.

2. Zoya just announced the Spring 2018 collection called Innocence, very cool toned, kinda has a  wintery feel to it. You can see it here.

3.  The February Polish Pickup is coming up and the theme is Famous Duos this upcoming month. Very different and kinda cool! Will be interesting to see how it will go! Courtney of Polished Lifting is one of the bloggers of the month so be on the look out for her massive blog post.

4. So for Polish Pickup last month I got to try so many new to me things! One thing that I really loved, and have been using repeatedly is the Fast & Hard Quick Dry Glossy Top Coat from Vibrant Vinyls. It dries quickly, its super glossy, and it's scented! The one I have is an exclusive scent so its not longer available but I was just on the site to look into getting more and OH MY! There are so many scents. I'm not even kidding, I'm for sure there are over 50 options, and I want to try so many.

5. I started Bullet Journaling as my "Planner" for 2019, yes I'm crazy! But I have been enjoying find inspiration on Instagram SO much! Right Now I'm really enjoying Shayda Campbell on Youtube actually. Oh and then a recent Instagram I found and LOVE was/is Julia Pezowicz.

6. Really enjoyed THIS video from Slashed Beauty, she paid people to photoshop makeup on to her no makeup photo, and then tried to recreate them! It was so interesting to see what people did given full creative rights, and then her reaction/recreation.

7. You know how I've been wanting to change my way of posting on Instagram? Well I DID it, and am SO glad I did. I now actually get excited about posting because it looks more "aesthetically pleasing" in my mind. I do worry I'll get a lil too focused on the color organization but I just need to refer back to my 2018 in review post and remember I loved that. Here is a peek at what I mean! I really just like the more spontaneity it allows for even if it is quite planned before hand! LOL!

25 Sweetpeas

8. Finally reading a book again! Its been since summer, but one I'd been interested in was 50% off so it seemed like a sign. Its Morgan Matson, Save the Date. I always like her books so I'm excited to get more into it.

9.  Did you guys see the Super Blood Wolf Moon last weekend? I did it was actually quite cool to see, granted I was freezing standing outside to do so but oh well!

Well guys I think that is it for today! Lots lil rambling bit but I love these sorts of posts! Hope you enjoyed this Sweetpeas Picks! Let me know whats new with you in the comments. Trying anything new and fun this year so far? What type of planner did you go with if you are the planner type?!

Talk to you soon! 

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah


  1. Love this! I'm so excited for Polish Pickup this month :) and thank you for the shout-out!!


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