Easy Watermelon Nail Art

25 Sweetpeas Watermelon Nail Art

Hello there and welcome back! Today I am super excited to be back with a really fun nail art tutorial on Youtube and a post all about the mani here on the blog as well which I haven't done lately. So first things first, I know its not summer, but I'm wishing it was so I've been thinking summer nails and am just going with it. I toyed with the idea of keeping these until summer but I thought nah, why not just do some fun summer Watermelon nails while the idea is here!

25 Sweetpeas Watermelon Nail Art

For this nail art look I used the two polishes featured in yesterdays blog post, here. They are new polishes from Defy & Inspires new "sub" brand called Vita Fit. The pink is called, Fitalicious. Then the green is called Can't Stop Won't Stop. Both of which I liked, and you can find out more about them in that blog post or there swatch video here.

25 Sweetpeas Watermelon Nail Art

First off I started with a green base. Then after that was dry I went in with the pink and pretended to paint my nails by following the shape of my cuticle but with a green gap. Then after that while the pink is drying I went in the green section with a slightly contrasting green acrylic paint to give the rind effect. When that was done I used black acrylic paint to paint in the seeds. For the seeds I started with the one in the middle, and then a smaller one on each side slightly angled in.

25 Sweetpeas Watermelon Nail Art

After that was all done I applied a shiny top coat and was done! Lately I've been really enjoying the Vibrant Vinyls top coat you can find here. Its quick drying, shiny, and scented. I have a Polish Pick Up Scent so you can't get it anymore but I hope to try some other scents when this one runs out because there are so many to choose from.

25 Sweetpeas Watermelon Art

Well thats a wrap for this post! Hope you enjoyed it! I added in a graphic I made to sort of go with. I was painting the other day and thought "Hey why not paint a watermelon?" so I went with it and this was one of the outcomes of it! I have some others that I may post on Instagram in the near future, or maybe not. Who knows!? :) 

Now if you want to see these being done, the tutorial is now on YouTube and you can watch it here. If you guys want more posts like these with art and tutorials let me know what you would like to see in the near future! 

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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