Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 29

Sweetpeas Picks

Hello there! How are you guys?! It's been a bit since I've been able to have a Sweetpeas Picks go live. Thats what happens when you get sick and take a few days and then have to catch up huh?! Well I hope I'm close to being in the clear now.  So I'm back, and I feel like its been too long. Granted also not much has happened but lets chat!

1. On a personal level of excitement, "our beach" that we frequent is finally getting its board walk back and I am SO excited. Like you couldn't imagine actually. Ha! Basically in 2016 Hurricane Matthew really tore up the board walk you take to get to the beach. They then made it usable but not the same as before. Then in 2017 Irma came and did it in, and at that point they just got rid of it completely. So we've been without for a bit and it makes the walk not the most fun. But this past week they started the replacement process! WOOHOOO!

2. Simple Creatures EP is out! If you have yet to hear of Simple Creatures... They are a new band that consist of Mark Hoppus, Blink-182, and Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low). It's interesting, so far the only song I really really like is Adrenaline. Being a fan of Alex and his whole style I tend to like the ones where he sings the most.

3. Have you seen the latest Color Club collection?! Whatever Forever is the name and it has 12 polishes in it I believe, and WHOA! I kinda feel like I need it, but I can't find it anywhere as a collection price. I also kinda feel like I could get the Poptastic Pastel neon Collection I've always wanted and be ok too, so I don't know! Those shades are what I gravitate to this time of year! Have you used the older Poptastic Collection ? Thoughts, opinions?

4. Back to music for a moment, I really like the new Chainsmokers song, Kills You Slowly.

5. Polish Pickup is at the end of this upcoming week! Have you picked out any polishes?!

6. So Friday I wanted some avocado toast for breakfast but we didn't have an avocado so that wasn't going to happen but I then remembers this marinated bean toast topping we made a few years ago from How Sweet Eats. Then I thought, wait is this in her Pretty Dish cookbook that we got last spring, and while it it not there was a chickpea version so we did that, and it was SOOO good! Highly suggest using this Marinated White Bean recipe with chickpeas! I think we left out the cilantro, and sun-dried tomatoes, but we have had it with those too and its still good if you like those ingredients.

7. Y'all know I do art beyond nails, but I've not had much time lately which stinks. Anywhooooo I got pulled into the digital art vortex on Pinterest and oh gosh! I can't wait to dive into that soon. I'm hoping soon. I'm just over here imagining all of the possibilities. Needless to say I now have a board dedicated to it all! If you want to get pulled in too you can here LOL!

8.  So in the past 3 weeks I've made 3 skillet cookies, and they are just my fave thing right now. Granted I don't make them in a traditional skillet, but details! Ha! Anywhoo so far I've tried recipes out of magazines. A lemon one that was so refreshing(Via an Easter Magazine), then a White Chocolate Chip Oat (Via a Taste of the South Magazine), and then a Peanut Butter one with white chocolate chip and oats (Via a Cook Magazine). All of them were sooo good.

Ok guys, I best go get busy finalizing some exciting things for this upcoming week. So many exciting things that have been in the works are coming too! Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and I'll talk to you very soon!

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah


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