Earth Day Blog Series | To Nails & Beyond

Earth Day Blog Series | To Nails & Beyond

Hey everyone! Welcome to another Earth Day Post! Today we are back with another installment of the Earth Day series, and we have one of my best friends joining us! She has something really neat to share too! I won't spill it, but its really neat!

Hi all! I wanted to start off by saying a really big thank you to Sarah for inviting me to be a part
of this amazing project. I’ve had a fantastic time seeing everyone else’s manicures and learning
more about taking care of our Earth. And I’ve had equally as much fun doing my own mani and

Earth Day Blog Series | To Nails & Beyond

Now though I would like to talk about straws!

Plastic straws are used every day, and on average that number can reach 500 million. Most of
these end up being disposed of improperly, or simply hurting our environment as well as the
animals. Plastic straws are made of incredibly toxic chemicals. The Washington Post stated that
“An estimated 7.5 percent of plastic in the environment comes from straws and stirrers.” There
have been many movements to ban straws, from individuals to groups like the Girl Scouts, one
thing’s for sure; there needs to be a change.

In California a new law was passed this year that requires restaurants to only provide straws to
customers who ask for one. This is a law that has been slowly enacted in different states. It
hasn’t only been enacted in the United States but in other countries as well, like Sweden and

This is an amazing step into limiting or plastic waste and the amount of chemicals we put into
the Earth which is also feeding our precious animals. But there is definitely another step to
solving this problem, and it is already surfacing!

FinalStraw states that it’s mission “is to create reusable, responsible made, badass products
that reduce the need for plastics.” This straw is designed to last you over 16 years with 2 uses EVERY day. The actual straw is made out of elastic material that is made from medical and food-grade silicone and it’s collapsible so you can easily carry it in your bag. And the fancy case it comes in is actually recycled plastic. If you have a latex allergy, no worries, the straw is also latex free!

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Now at this point you’re probably wondering where you can get it and how much it costs. Well
lets get to that shall we!

The Straw is actually on sale RIGHT NOW for $24.50 versus $29.50. Now I know, I know, that’s a
lot for a straw. But it’s not just any straw, it’s a straw that will not only help the environment
but that will last you years. It’s an investment for your future.

If we could all reduce that 7.5% of plastic in the environment caused by plastic straws and
stirrers, it would make a huge difference.

If you’re interested, you can pick up your Straw at (it even comes in different
colored caases!)

Thanks for reading, and Happy Earth Day. Let’s do a better job of watching over it.


Earth Day Blog Series | To Nails & Beyond


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