Jonas Brothers Cool Cover Nail Art

Jonas Brothers Cool Cover Nail Art

Hello, its Day 4 of Album nail art and I actually had issues picking an album cover to do today. It was one of those, I don't know where to start, and I also don't have much time so I needed something rather quick. So I turned on some music and just went with what came on, so lets go see!

Jonas Brothers Cool Cover Nail Art

Cool by the Jonas Brothers and I do quite like the artwork with the album and letting kinda sounded fun so I went for it. However I actually don't love the song! I like it, but feel it will be overplayed on the radio. Ha! It most likely won't pass my buy test.

Jonas Brothers Cool Cover Nail Art

I have a buying test for music so I don't go overboard! LOL! Basically if I'm not sure at initial release I won't buy it right away. Then if in a months time I'm still listening to it a lot or on repeat I need to buy it. Otherwise I'll just enjoy it via Spotify or Youtube.

Jonas Brothers Cool Cover Nail Art

Polish wise I used China Glaze One Polishes Pony. Then the rest was done in acrylic paint! Hope you guys have liked this mani, I'm really excited about the final mani tomorrow!! I think its my fave in line with my Youngblood nails!

~25 Sweetpeas

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  1. I really like the colors for this nail art - works perfectly! I feel like anything "cool" and new is always overplayed on the radio. I rarely listen to the radio anymore.


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