Floral Nail Art | Earth Day Challenge Day 2

25 Sweetpeas Floral Nail Art

Hello there! Wow, this week was way more intense/stressful than anticipated, so even though I've have my challenge nails sitting in my camera roll I have yet to post them so here I am playing catch up!

easy floral nail art

Todays theme is all about Plants, and I think its safe to say that any changes within out environment will affect plants in more way than ones. You have areas on Earth where Bees are lacking therefore that can cause a chain reaction in the pollination of flower.

Then in about realm of the plants being affected you have deforestation, which takes away many animals natural habitats so I think it's quite easy to see how hurting plants can have a very obvious chain reaction.

Floral Nail art for spring

So for todays mani I did a lil floral inspired by a doodle I recently did and I am only about half happy with how it came out. Ha! I like the ideas/concept of the art but really wasn't super enjoying the mani.  However I hope you like it a lil more than I do! Ha! I will have to say it was fun to do I just wasn't crazy about the colors I used, but I love the polish, just wasn't feeling very purple-y! LOL! It is Glisten & Glows Ponies and Poppies!

Well I think thats a wrap for this post! Hope you enjoyed it!

Talk to you Soon!

~25 Sweetpeas


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