Jellyfish Nail Art | Earth Day Challenge Day 3

by - Saturday, April 27, 2019

Jellyfish Nail Art 25 Sweetpeas

Hello there everyone! I am currently sharing all of the manis that have been sitting in my camera roll from this past week that I did for the Earth Day Nail Challenge! Todays theme was animals and I had so many ideas, but of course all of my ideas lead me back to sea life. I wanted to do sea turtle but I wasn't feel up to it so I kept thinking. Then I was scrolling through my camera roll and thought WAIT, I know just want to do, jelly fish!

Jellyfish Nail Art 25 Sweetpeas

So the other Day, like April 16th, according to the photos date stamp, when I was at the beach there were tons of jelly fish. And by tons, I mean hundreds! I have never seen that many jelly fish at one time. A few here and there in certain times of the year, but WOW! There was an abundant amount that day for sure. The whole beach was covered because it was low tide and the water had been higher before. Why? I don't know, according to local news reports this is normal, but I have been regularly going to the beach for years now and have never seen THIS many. It was insane. I usually don't mind walking with the water hitting my feet but at the rate the jelly fish were rolling in I decided it probably wasn't safe. I don't really know if they were alive. I do this this one pictured was, but not sure. There were others that were certainly not though.

Jellyfish Nail Art 25 Sweetpeas

Which is what led me to doing these jelly fish nails. Obviously here I have done for a different type of jelly fish, but still a jellyfish! They really are a beautiful animal, just google Jellyfish and check out the images! Fun fact, there are over 200 different types of jelly fish!

Jellyfish Nail Art 25 Sweetpeas

For the water back ground of this mani I used 2 different polishes from Painted Phalanges. They have become my go to water combo! They are called Come Away with Me, and Is the Tide Gonna Reach My Chair. I just layer them in any which way to get a realish water color. I'm basically obsessed with this combo!

Jellyfish Nail Art 25 Sweetpeas

So I know this is supposed to be an animal post and it is because Jellyfish are considered animals. While I don't believe any are endangered, we much be more careful with what we put in our ocean as many ocean animals are or will be. More and more are washing up and dying from human cause things. Whether it's trash or other sorts of pollution; oil spills, chemicals being released in the water, and so on. Humans are not all innocent and we are hurting the animals and actually ourselves as well. Especially when things like Red Tide occur which is not all due to humans but we are contributors. In the case of Red Tide it hurts animals, waterways, fish supplies, and humans living in the areas in which are affected. Thankfully we haven't had it in my area, but the other side of Florida was not as fortunate last year. I found a very informative article on it here if you care to give it a read! :)

Well thats it for this lil post! Hope you have enjoyed the Jellyfish mani and the other bits! I have really enjoyed this overall theme and talking about more things I care about! :)

Talk to you Soon!

~25 Sweetpeas

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