Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 30

Sweetpeas Picks

Hiya everyone! I hope you are having a lovely Sunday. The past few weeks have been quite busy which is unusual but I have a lil time right now to finally write a Sweetpeas Picks! First however, lets have a little catch up.

So you know how in my last Sweetpeas Picks I mentioned that I had been pulled into the digital art vortex in the amazing world of Pinterest? Well last summer when I decided to finally share art on here and on my Instagram. I then decided that some day I would upgrade and make the whole process a bit easier at some point. I was working on paper, taking photos and then converting it into a digital form. Kind of a long process.

That all being said I was really enjoying it but wanted to do it more. So last summer I decided to make a long term goal of getting an iPad that would work with the Apple Pencil so I could use a particular software I've been watching video on for about a year now. WELL, I hit that goal recently! Which is kind of why my weekend posts have been obsolete, one weekend I was at the Apple store, then I was testing out things. Then another weekend I was without the internet, and whew its just been one thing after another. All good things recently though so that is super nice, and I'm so excited about what is to come.

Also I don't know if I have ever mentioned this, but when I redid my logo earlier this year it was all done by hand, and that was actually done on paper, so now the next time I do that it will be a must smoother process. :) Now everything graphic wise on my site will be my own and I'm so excited about that, so as you have probably already figured out, the opening photos of this post is a new creation of mine. I'm still in the learning stage for sure but I plan on sharing MUCH more and posting on my other Instagram, 25 Sweetpeas Designs, but things will most certainly overlap on both. With ideas/plans I have this is a test trail as to if I can manage two pages. We may need to merge into one some day! :)

1. Did you see the Earth song? Most certainly has some unneeded parts in it but the goal behind it all is really neat.

2. I have made THIS peanut butter tart for tonights Easter dessert but mine looks nothing like the photos, but I still think all of the parts taste great so maybe it won't be a complete fail!

3.  Ok I am in love with this Instagram feed, her art is amazing! If you like watercolor art, or plants you should check out Sabrina of @Frollein_schmid on Instagram. Wow!

4. What are your thoughts on the idea of Instagram getting rid of visible likes? I'm not really sure what I think? I just thinks its not going to do anything to make the platform better. I feel like it just means people will "like" things even less. Therefore give people a less likely chance of their post showing in their followers feeds. I don't think taking out likes will make people anymore likely to engage. They say it getting rid of them will help take the stress people get based off of likes away, but  the only reason it stresses people out, to my knowledge, is we all just want our feeds chronological. I don't know, I don't put that much thought into likes other than to see what my followers do like and to hopefully be shown in peoples feeds. All I really want from Instagram is the ability to have the original feeds back. If I have chosen to follow someone I want to see all of their posts in the proper time order. If I didn't want to see the posts I would have unfollowed ya know?

5. This past week was Album week on my blog so I did 5 days of Album nail art, and it was SO fun. My favorite was the Youngblood mani, and then the New Light mani! I'd actually already done the Youngblood mani last year! LOL! The New Light one tho was done this week and it was SOOOO fun to do!

6. CRUISR has a new song called Get Out, and I love it!

Well since I talked so much at the start I best sign off early so you can get back to your day! I hope you are having a wonderful day and I'll chat with you all very soon! Psst, in just one week I'll start to have more time which means more in depth content, and I'm so excited!

Talk to you Soon

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah


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