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Unicorn Magic Skincare 25 Sweetpeas

Hey there everyone, hope you are having a great day! Today I have a fun like body care/nail care post to share with you all! Unicorn Magic Skincare is a rather new brand and they have lots of fun options in the realm of product, and they are customizable because you can pick your scent, and there are 80 to chose from! The wonderful woman behind the brand, was kind enough to send over some things for me to try and now that I've tried each product, its time to chat about them here! So lets go!

Unicorn Magic Skincare 25 Sweetpeas

Deluxe Cuticle Oil - You all know I love and use cuticle oil all of the time! It's a part of my daily routine, and can ever have enough! This one claims to be fast absorbing, and I totally agree with that. Plus I can put a lil on and type and not have it run down the sides of my fingers and get on the keyboard which is bit win for me! Here is what the site says about it! Our carefully selected blend of intensive oils packaged with vitamins and antioxidants , for healthy looking skin and nails. Not too greasy yet heavy duty, and fast absorbing. More than 50% jojoba oil, for maximum benefit. 

I have it in the Pina Colada Scent in the bottle size as you see pictured. It's a 11.7mL sized one with a brush, and its priced at $8.

Deluxe Emulsified Sugar Scrub - Again this is another sort of product that I used nightly and its really nice. I love a smaller grained sugar scrub, it feels nice to use, and makes your hands feel very nice as well! Here is what the site says about it. Exfoliating and moisturizing! Our emulsified sugar scrub is the best of both words. The sugar in this scrub gently removes dull dead skin, whilst the emulsified butters and oils work like a lotion to moisturize and softened your skin, leaving it fresh and smooth. Without that oily feeling traditional sugar scrubs can have. Safe also for your face, and everyday use.

I have this one in the scent Sun & Sand, and in the 2oz size which is the $5 option! :) Its a great size in my opinion and it will last you quite a decent amount of time I think! Is smells like a summer day and sunscreen! I love it!

Deluxe Triple Butter Hand Lotion - This lotion is a very thick and creamy one and hydrates really well wherever you put it. I've only used it as a spot lotion since it is so thick and creamy and think it does really well! For example, this is great for dry feet or hands if you have the need for that in the winter! I would suggest if using for feet to slip your feet into some slippers after applying. :) Here is the makers description. Thick and rich best describes this decadent hand lotion, made to sooth moisturize and protect your delicate skin. All of our lotions are made from scratch, no premade bases here, to ensure high quality (many organic) ingredients with no fillers. Our custom recipe of unrefined organic shea, mango and cocoa butters provide a base that delivers intense therapy to dry chapped skin. Due to the unrefined cocoa butter in this lotion, there is a mild chocolaty scent.
I personally love using this lotion on my body as well during the dry winter months, when I need that bit of extra moisture. 

I have this in the scent of Coconut Citron, in the 2oz size which is priced at $6. Scent wise I didn't love my pick on this one. It was a bit too something. Maybe too much like a coconut freshener instead of a realistic coconut scent it that makes sense. So next time I would do with another scent, but I do really enjoy the formula.

Unicorn Magic Skincare 25 Sweetpeas

Deluxe Cuticle Rescue - This is really thick and creamy, I could see it being SO for for a time where you need some intense cuticle care, or really any dry spot that needs some help! Here is what the maker has to say about it. Do you have dry cuticles & nails and are looking for heavy duty moisture and hydration? You might just enjoy our Deluxe Cuticle Rescue.

This product has a very thick, buttery, crème style consistency, that will take a while to absorb. Best massaged into cuticles and nails, and any dry spots that need extra moisture.

Keep reading for the back story of why I decided to make our Deluxe Cuticle Rescue.

Quite a few years ago I was using a popular L*sh product only to find that I was developing contact dermatitis on my hands. After checking the ingredient list and doing a bit of research, I discovered that the L*sh product contains ingredients that were clearly not for me. So I set out to make a thick rich cuticle creme, that would moisturize and not cause my skin to break out. After approximately 30 versions (yes I was knee deep in cuticle crème and my hands had never looked better!) and 3 years of testing, I finally made a product I was happy with and am now offering for sale. Try it for yourself and see what you think. 

**Please note this is not exactly like the L*sh product and is in no way indented to be a copy; it has a thick consistency (but not as thick as the L*sh product) and has many different ingredients as well as a more gentle emulsification system.**

I have this in the scent of Unicorn Farts, this one actually only comes in 2 scents the one I got, and Lemon. I have the 0.5mL one which is priced at $4.50, and honestly I think its going to last a long time, because a little goes a long way. I think this one is a nice fruity option scent wise if you like grape, if not you may want to go towards the lemon option. I know I kinda wish I had because I am not the biggest grape fan in the world, but I still love the overall product.

Deluxe Cuticle Balm - This reminds me of a well know product, flutter butter anyone, but a lil thicker, and for this I have found it nice to have a lil plastic scoop on hand to scrape a little of the product out with. Its so nice on, melts right in and really hydrates. Here is what the maker has to say. This cuticle balm is a must try! Made with local beeswax from the famous Hollywood Farmers Market, and skin loving oils that are sure to leave your cuticles & nails nourished and soft, without that greasy oily feeling. Perfect also for rough spots like elbows and knees, beards and hair ends, or anywhere that needs a little extra attention. As with most anhydrous (oil only) products, a little goes a long way.

I have this in the scent of Coconut Teakwood, and the 0.5 mL which is $6, and like I said with the last one, this is going to last you a very decent amount of time so I think this size is great.

Deluxe Vegan Cuticle Balm - This is just like the last one we talked about texture wise and in hydrating matters. Its maybe a tad bit softer, but I think it will last the same, and still a little goes along way.  A note from the maker, Our vegan cuticle balm is a creamy and nourishing alternative to our traditional cuticle balm. 
Made with unrefined organic shea butter, skin loving oils and kosher non-GMO soy wax, it’s a new take on vegan balms.

For those of you who have been following my personal Instagram for a while will see that this balm has been my go to for years, and I even have a basic version of this balm recipe on there.

Please note that this balm has a more oily consistency on top, and once you break through the top layer, the normal creamy consistency comes through.

I have this in the Aloha scent and I love it, its in the 0.5 and thats priced at $5.50. This is a light fruity scent that also reminds me of being in the candle section at Ikea! LOL!

Well guys, that is a wrap! I hope you enjoyed hearing about this new brand, I'm loving everything, all good quality and they work! These sorts of posts always take a longer amount of time to share with you because I like to throughly use a product before posting about them so I know I'm giving correct info! :) If you have any questions about these products let me know and I'll do my best to help ya out! :)  If you would like to shop any of the products, you can head to the Unicorn Magic Skincare Store below! Follow them on Instagram HERE.

Talk to you Soon!


  1. These seem terrific. I'm impressed with the prices of these and it seems that they are all long lasting. Thanks for the scent descriptions.

  2. What a cute brand! I'm headed off to Insta to check out the products now!

  3. Cute name and packaging. I think my niece will enjoy this

  4. You took beautiful photos of the products! Lovely review!

  5. Wow the cuticle balm sounds nice. Love your photos

  6. I really want to check this stuff out personally. I also don't get along with the L*sh hand products and need to really work on my lotion and cuticle care!


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