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by - Monday, May 20, 2019

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Moon Shine Mani Opposites Attract Duo

Hello there! Happy Monday, today I have a new Duo to show you from Moon Shine Mani! This is their new Facebook Group Exclusive for the month of May. If you are not yet a part of the Moon Shine Mani Fans Facebook you would totally join. I'll like you on over later in the post. Each month in the groups the members vote on different themes and then Phoebe creates an exclusive polish for the group based on that! :) This months inspiration turned into a Sonny & Cher duo, so lets take a closer look!

Moon Shine Mani Sonny 25 Sweetpeas

2 coats

A fun banana crelly filled with matte, neon, and holo glitters in grape, lavender, and fuchsia and chameleon flakies shifting purple/blue/green and a soft purple to green aurora pigment.

Moon Shine Mani Sunny 25 Sweetpeas

This polish has an excellent cruelly formula, and built perfectly for me in two coats. The fun thing about this polish is that this duo is very literally in the name of it because the polishes are opposites The flakes and the crellys just flip positions, and have great formulas.

Moon Shine Mani Sunny 25 Sweetpeas

Moon Shine Mani Cher 25 Sweetpeas

2 coats

A soft royal purple crelly filled with matte banana-colored glitters, gold holo glitters, iridescent and neon yellow glitters, soft gold flaky, chameleon flakies shifting pink/gold/green, and a soft pink to gold aurora pigment for added grace.

Moon Shine Mani Cher 25 Sweetpeas

Another fabulous polish, and the glitters really site well in the polish with no extra effort. The colors mix nicely as well, the gold and the purple. I just overall really enjoyed the ease of use of these polishes. So easy to work with.

Moon Shine Mani Cher 25 Sweetpeas

Well that is a wrap! To be able to purchase this polish you must be in the Moon Shine Mani Facebook  group that you can join HERE. Then on May 24th this polish will release and you will gain access to a code that will let you purchase this polish. It will be available until June 25th. It will be sold as a duo for $20, or $12 each.

Also releasing to everyone at this time will be a new scent of top coat, used in all the swatches. Its called YESTERDAY! and is described as a "sweet and tart mix of watermelon lemonade to give you all the Summer feels". Which is a perfect description. Plus I just LOVE the MSM top coat!

~25 Sweetpeas

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