Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 32

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Sweetpeas Picks

Hello and YAY I'm back for a Sweetpeas Picks post! Its been way to long but hey all that matters is that we are back today and having fun! So much as been going on so lets catch up a bit first, or maybe I'll just intermingle it into the different parts of the post. :) So lets go!

1. I am finally enjoying Instagram! I think a lot of it is because I have branched out and have found lots of new people to follow and be inspired by! I am one of those people that does well around like minded people, and or seeing others do amazing creative things on the Internet and become inspired by that rather than compare and think negatively. Not sure how I've not been sucked into that trap, sure every now and then I get in a lil rut, but most often it just makes me want to strive to do better, not let it overtake me. I think often people get stuck in that rut so when I saw THIS post here, I shared it and was surprised by the amount of DMs I got saying they needed to read that, so I was so glad I did share it. They are really good questions to ask yourself!

2. I started creating a new Youtube Series! I'm super excited about it too, its called the Nail Art Basics Series, and is on going with no end in sight! :) Its a series for anyone and everyone interested in painting their nails, or doing nail art. We are covering super basic things, and will move into other areas of interest as we progress in the series. So far we've covered good base coats, why they are important, and top coats / what to look for in a top coat. Then with each of those of course I have recommended a handful of ones I like and use! If there is anything you want to know about nail art/painting your nails, let me know and I'll add it to the on going topic list!

3. I finally picked up a book! Woohoo! Ha, I really do love getting lost in a good book, I am so picky in books tho, and also rarely find time to read them so I don't often read. I usually take that time and either work on more blogging/Youtube things, or working on writing my own book. Currently tho I am continuing reading Morgan Matson Save The Date, and its really good! I love her writing style, and her books in general.

4. Do you follow Poppy Deyes? Like on any platform? I think I do on all platforms she is on! I was really enjoying her House Diaries on Instagram and on her blog and she posted her final pics recently and it was so neat to see her final pics. You can check it out here.

5. I've made a fair bit of baked goods in the past month, and I really enjoyed this recipe, Blackberry Lavender White Chocolate Chip Scones. They were really good, loved the slight hint of lavender. Also the grating of the butter was so nice, and cut down on the use of the pastry knife which I love because I don't like that tool! LOL!

6. Have you seen the Color Club Whatever Forever Collection? Its so pretty, and I've heard the formulas are really good. I'm trying to find out where I can get it as a set rather than individually. Plus where the price was really nice, they are sold out.

7.  I'm super into mood boards right now. I feel like that sounds weird, but mood boards are really just inspiration boards, and a great way of color scheming! Which is something I am doing right now with content and honestly its SO fun! Its all about color combos, making color palettes, and so I've made boards on Pinterest to help. You can check it out if you want HERE.

Well guys I think that is it for today! I am off to work on some upcoming blog posts and color schemes! I will talk to you in another Sweetpeas Picks next weekend!

~Sarah AKA 25 Sweetpeas


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