Sun Bum Inspired Art

Sun Bum Nail Art

Hello there! So I've just realized these have already been on my Instagram but not on the blog yet so I thought I would share them here as well. When I was swatching the China Glaze Body & Sol collection I realized that the tones in the collection were very similar to the packaging to Sun Bum! So I decided to do Sun Bum Nail Art!

Sun Bum Nail Art

I used Tan-do Attitude as the base polish, and then did art and mattified it. I've been using my Sun Bum Coconut chapstick SOOO much lately. The SPF is great for summer, and beyond that its super hydrating, AND y'all know I have been being super creative and that means very chapped lips, but this is helping.

Sun Bum Nail Art

So hope you have enjoyed these I am now off to figure out why I'm having such difficulties getting my new video up! Hope you have a wonderful day!

~25 Sweetpeas


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