Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 36

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Heya! Wow, the blog has been super busy lately yet Sweetpeas Picks have not been as prevalent as they should have been. Honestly the past few weeks have been filled with life like things and there hasn't been enough time for fun things. Today thought I am to sit and enjoy writing this post, while crossing my fingers that nothing interrupts it! LOL! So lets get into this Sweetpeas Picks. :)

1. I'm usually a bit apprehensive about "art" books but this summer has been the summer of art books actually. The latest one that we've gotten and have been inspired by is Art Starts with A Line. Its by Raven Paper Co. and so nice. I didn't realize the sort of art I liked was considered line art. Cool!

2. Mentioning of Raven Paper Co. I am following lots of new people on Instagram in the art world and I've been loving Raven Paper Co. The instagram is so inspiring!

3. I feel like 2/3 of my summer is gone and I've not been able to accomplish a lot of my summer goals due to unforeseen circumstances. So I am working really hard to try and make those goals happen. Its going to require branching out, finding an attainable balance, and being intentionally creative. Obviously we all have days that aren't creative, and sometimes we have to accept it and realize some days you just need to step back and try again another day, but I need to figure out how to have more creative days consistently. Did anyone understand that? Did if make sense, and did you get what I mean? Any tips?

4. Following the last bit we just talked about, I know I say this often, but I want Instagram to change. Not THE Instagram, just how I handle it and hopefully make it more fun for you, and create even more unique content for all other platforms as well. I feel like we all put so much focus on Instagram, myself included, but also at the end of the day as a creator and user of the Platform we need to remember Instagram could disappear at any moment. So for that to be anyones main focus is a bit scary, so I want to make sure I have more of my things on my blog and Youtube to ensure I am never relying on Instagram, because I have no control over Instagram, but my blog is mine, and not going anywhere. :)

5. Fall Collections are coming out?! I'm not ready, are you? Zoya's Fall collection is on preorder in the form of a Box, and its so good. Its $69.95, free shipping, and there is a lot in it. You get the entire Fall Collection, Full Size, a wide brush with each of them, Make Base and Top Coat, Naked File, 100 count Cottonballs, Zoya Remove+ Remover, and PediPods that look super nice.

6. Youtube Community, do you use it?! I've been using it a lot! :) If you are subscribed to my channel you can see it in your subscription feed and actually interact and help me plan videos and ensure you get some input on what comes out! :) I actually just posted on there about an upcoming idea, and so far you have been saying yes, so I'm getting excited.

7. If you are interested in any sort of art, you should check out Pigeon Letters, I have been enjoying her blog immensely!

Well I need to go get busy on my weekend to do list, and all of these ideas floating around. Sitting down and writing this has actually really motivated me to just DO! So I must go do just that! :)

Talk to you Soon!

Sarah AKA 25 Sweetpeas


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