Different Dimension | Polish Pickup + Indie Pickup | August 2019

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Different Dimension Come one, Come All 25 Sweetpeas

Hello and welcome back! Time for another Polish Pickup / Indie Pickup post, and today we are checking out what Different Dimension will be bringing to the August event! Let's go check them out! :)

Different Dimension Come one, Come All 25 Sweetpeas

Come One, Come All
2 coats

A steel blue crelly based polish packed with pink/orange/copper/gold color shifting iridescent flakies, red/green/orange aurora shimmer, holographic micro glitters. 

Different Dimension Come one, Come All 25 Sweetpeas

This is such a gorgeous shade, it has a perfect creamy formula. Applies perfectly in two coats and just applies like a dream. The shimmer in it really shows well, and gives off a super neat sheen. Then the flakies just take it up a notch and add even more color its super fun! This polish will have no cap and will be available for $11.

Different Dimension Come one, Come All 25 Sweetpeas

In addition to that polish being available, Different Dimension will also be having a cuticle oil available. Its called On the Midway, and its described as; a custom blended fragrance cuticle oil that smells just like the moment you step onto the carnival midway, with notes of kettle corn, candy apples, cotton candy, and lemon shakes.

I love this sort of pen applicator, it makes it so easy to apply and so handy to have around, easily can be put into a purse! To me this smell like an after sun lotion my mom has used for a really long time, I want to say its by Ocean Potion. Its a sweet scent, and in this format of a cuticle oil its not too overpowering so I do love that. I love the fact its so hydrating, and you can easily see a difference. This will not have a cap, and it will be available for $5.

Different Dimension Cuticle Oil

The Polish Pickup / Indie Pickup will be happening August 2nd -5th in the shop linked below! :) Hope you have enjoyed seeing this beauty of a polish and hearing about the cuticle oil. Today on my blog I will have a video up for you to see it all in person. 

~25 Sweetpeas


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