Easy Candy Corn Nail Art Using Sharpies

Candy Corn Nail Art - Halloween Nail Art

Hello there everyone! Wanted to pop over here and also share some of my Halloween Nail Art from the 12 Days of Halloween Challenge I have been hosting and doing under the #12DOHN tag on any social platform you fancy! :)

One of my favorite manis from this past week was my candy corn nail art! I did it using Sharpies, yep you read that right! It was SO fun and EASY! So below I am sharing a supply list that I illustrated to go along with the post!

Candy Corn Nail Art Supply List- Halloween Nail Art

-Base Coat

-Top Coat of your desired finish

-Old Paint Brush thats Flat tipped preferably but not a must. Just use what ever you have + you don't mind possibly being stained.

- White Nail Polish

-2 Sharpies, Orange & Yellow

- 91% Rubbing Alcohol (This is the only % I have found to work)

- Something to scribble the Sharpie on (I used an old cool whip lid that I've kept to use as a Sharpie Palette. 

Candy Corn Nail Art - Halloween Nail Art

Once you have all of your supplies gathered you are ready to have fun! Watch the video below to see how to do this mani! Its seriously SO EASY!

See what I mean?! SO easy, and actually a lot of fun. I forgot how fun Sharpie manis were/are! I need to do more.

Candy Corn Nail Art - Halloween Nail Art

If you give this mani a go post it and go ahead and use the #12DOHN tag so I can see them and feature them in my Stories on Instagram!

Candy Corn Nail Art - Halloween Nail Art

Well thats it for today! Hope you are enjoying this series on my Youtube channel in preparation for NAILMAS! Eppp, I'm insanely excited!

Talk to you Soon!

~25 Sweetpeas


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