Happy Halloween Nails that are Easy

Abstract Halloween Nails

Hello there, I am on a roll with posting all of these Halloween Manis on my blog today. Well kinda-ish! LOL! This is another one of my faves from my 12 Days of Halloween Series! Lets check them out!

Also the above photo as you can probably tell is so bright that the colors don't look super vibrant, but the below photos are accurate though! :)

Abstract Halloween Nails

I love a good abstract mani any time of the year but especially LOVE them for Holidays because Holidays usually mean = busy, and busy = no time! Yet you still want pretty nails, or at least I do, so easy is a must! So thats what this mani is.

Abstract Halloween Nails


Orly - Rose Colored Glasses

MLF -  Lacquer Ghouls

Painted Phalanges - Puking Pumpkins

Acrylic Paint - Pink, green black, gold, light purple, white

Nail Art Brush or just a small Paint Brush

Top Coat

Base Coat

Abstract Halloween Nails

The tutorial is up now on YouTube and you can watch below

Hope you find these to be a good quick lil go to mani for this Halloween Season! If you give it a go use the #12DOHN so I can see and feature!

~25 Sweetpeas


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