Art Book Lovers Gift Guide | 2019

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Hello and welcome back! So I think most of you know, but in case you don't, I love art! Behind the scenes I have been expanding my art way beyond nails. I would say now any time you see a graphic on my site its something I have done myself. This also carries over into my videos, my Instagram, and my IG Stories. Literally I have even learned to make my own gifs! Ha! So with all of this new found art freedom.... I have been following so many amazing artists on Instagram, purchasing art books just to look at, ha even coloring books as inspiration because I have no intentions of coloring them but I just LOVE the line work! Ha, so I thought this year I would create a lil guide for some of the books I have, and or have on sort of a wish list.

Before we fully get to all of the fun I just want to chat a bit. Earlier this year I would have turned up my nose at an art book. Not in a snobby way, but more in like, ewwww a textbook. Basically blame school. Ha! Also rules/directions. I took tons of art classes in my High School career, and really through all of my school years before that, and has some bad experiences.

Those experiences made me not want to look at art books, because art is supposed to be your own style, and not look just like someone else's. On top of that, techniques are cool and important, but I think you should feel free to do it how ever it works for you. Ya know what I mean? Kinda like math, there can be two different formulas that get you the same answer. One isn't better than the other, you should just use what works for you. (Gosh did I really just voluntarily/indirectly talk about math in some weird metaphorical way!? Who Am I?)

That all being said my views have changed. Never once have I done a tutorial in an art book and my art look just like what it did in the book. When I was done with it,  it looked like my art, and no one was going to tell me it was bad because I didn't follow the directions. Ya know? I may have used the structure of a tutorial, say learning a new sketching process, but there was no obligation to have my art look just like it. In addition to that, pulling out a tutorial when you are unsure what to draw but you want to, is so nice. Kinda kick starts you into creating. So this mindset has changed my perspective on art books. I love looking at them now, becoming inspired, and supporting artists I enjoy and admire. Plus the art community is so nice, and I love chatting with the authors/artists/creators.

One more thing, if you totally saw your self in everything I just said, know that I still have times where I don't want to look at a book. Its usually those days where its just not a good art day, I start comparing and questioning my work and so on. It happens, just gotta work through it and surround yourself with people that will encourage you and say "hey, its probably just a not good art day, why don't you take a break" rather than giving up on what you are doing.

Ok, on to the fun! We can talk more about all of this later because there is just so much to be said! :)

Art Books I Have/Want To Get

So now on to the amazing lists of books I have, or my mom has, or I have been eyeing/waiting for them to release. Most of them are art books, however a few are also just coloring books I LOVE to look art. :)
How to Draw Modern Florals - Alli Koch

Florals By Hand - Alli Koch

The Artful Sketch - Mary Phan

Art Starts with a Line - Erin McManness

Art Starts in the Heart - Erin McManness

How to Draw Inky Wonderlands - Johanna Basford

Modern Watercolor Botanicals - Sarah Simon

The Plant Lady (Coloring Book) - Sarah Simon

Watercolor With Me In the Forest - Dana Fox

Water Color With Me Under the Ocean - Dana Fox

The Joy of Watercolor - Emma Block

15 Minute Watercolor Masterpieces - Anna Koliadych

Whimsical Watercolor - Shayda Campbell 

Peggy Dean's Guide to Nature Drawing and Watercolor - Peggy Dean

Paris Street Style A Coloring Book - Zoe de Las Cases

Color At Home : A Young House Love Coloring Book - Joan Borawski

Well thats it for now! I hope you have enjoyed this, and maybe even found a book you would like to look into! Talk to you soon!

~25 Sweetpeas


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